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10 April 2020


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I have been watching this video since 2016.


An interesting theory, but isn't that way out if its range, even if they do travel long distnaces, especially given the ice? A sturgeon seems more likely but it's hard to judge by that video.

Robert  Waddell

Looks like an old mooring line or rope covered in debris and ice that moving in the stream just like a flag oscillates in the wind.
However I much prefer the concept of monsters, land, sea and air.


Robert Waddell

Things like that do not swim upstream.

The Twisted Genius

I guess a salt water crocodile could wander 500 miles up the Yukon, Tenana and Chena Rivers. There's enough fish along the way. But that thing did not move like a croc. A croc's tail would undulate like that, but not its body. A croc's body usually sinks below the waterline while its head remains above. I don't think a warm water croc would keep its body abnormally high in the water long enough for that much ice to form on its back.

I'm thinking more along the lines of Rob Waddell's mooring line or some kind of debris. That bridge is downstream from most of Fairbanks and Fort Wainwright. All kinds of crap could get in the water. In the film, it appears the debris is snagged on something and undulating in the current. It rolls in the current as it undulates like an inanimate object rather than as a swimming creature. If the BLM guy actually saw it go upstream, I would think a large fish was snagged on the debris and was slowly dragging it along.

In either case, I wouldn't be diving in the water to solve the mystery, just in case you're right about the croc.

Upstate NY'er

Fairbanks is hundreds of miles from he open sea which BTW is waaaay too cold for a croc and the river is even colder.

Terence Gore

If it was a rope why would it oscillate? It would act more like a weather vane in the current. Alligator in this video uses it's tail only with head and body arms fairly passive


In the Chena video off the right side of head an ice covered appendage appears and disappears.

Underwater video of sturgeon swimming


Nenana Ice Classic still open for bets


Last years winner 300K



Col. Lang,

“ My guess would be a salt water crocodile who came in the mouth of the river, found the eating good and proceeded upstream. “

A very definite possibility. Global Warming has extended the range of the Estuarine Saltwater crocodile far to the south of their traditional boundaries, causing great alarm to Australian swimmers so I would not be surprised at all if their northern cousins had done likewise. It is also axiomatic that depleted fish stocks also dictate an increase in hunting range. Greta Thunberg has often spoken about this.

I also suspect mutation caused by radiation from the Fukushima disaster may have played a role in the migration.


We are seeing an increasing quantity of game fish, marlin, etc. in our local waters at least 1000km further south than usual.

Yeah, Right

It appears to be rolling as it "moves", which I would suggest rules out a saltwater croc. I've seen those things swim upriver, and they glide along, they definitely don't roll.

Nothing in that link suggests that it crossed under the bridge or that the person taking the video watched it go upstream.

Indeed, the only description is of "an eerie shape moving back and forth in the water", which is a decidedly non-committal turn of phrase.

Based on the information from that source I'm not inclined to believe that's anything other than an ice-bound rope.


Please come home Nessie. We miss you.


yeah right

There is a longer version of the video in which the filmer crosses the road to watch it go by under the bridge.


I'm no expert but I don't think salties can survive in such low temperatures.


Col. Lang,

Your next series of books! An intrepid former SF member turned cryptozoologist scouring the earth to unravel mysterious sightings and legends. A cross between Indiana Jones and Kolchak The Night Stalker.

Heck, forget the series of book. A TV Show for the History Channel! History channel has been sending truckloads of money to those Oak Island boys to slam can (8ft wide caissons) into the ground.



A saltwater crocodile was found near here a few years ago. We have sub zero temperatures in winter.


As Co.Lang postulates; we cannot ignore the possibility.


Belugas have been reported to follow salmon up the Yukon for several hundred miles. At least one was seen as far as Fairbanks, which is where the Chena meets the Tanana tributary of the Yukon. But IMHO no way that video is of a Beluga.

I'm thinking it may be one of those shape-shifting, soul-stealing, flesh-rending Kooshdakhaa otter monsters of Tlingit legend?

Eric Newhill

It might be an ancient exotic killer virus that has mutated due to Fukishima radiation to act as a borg minded large creature. It was no doubt released from permanent frost by global warming caused thaws of the arctic.

I think even with global warming that water is cold for reptiles, who are cold blooded and just go into hibernation mode when temperatures are too low.

Or maybe it's just a sturgeon?

Yeah, Right

Do you have a link to that longer version?

I've managed to find the facebook post, and it is simply the same video as mysticsciences link.

I agree with you that if it crosses the bridge and moves upriver then it isn't a rope. But I'd like to see that video before accepting that this was, indeed, what it did.

But, regardless, it isn't a saltwater croc. Crocs do not roll as they swim. And whatever that thing is, the video clearly shows it rolling as well as undulating.


Yeah, Right

Originally from NY City? You have the abrasive personality that would go with that. I have searched for the link but can't find it. Nevertheless, I have seen that section of the tape several times. If you wish to call me a liar, do so. I will know how to deal with that.

JP Billen

Perhaps a juvenile Cadborosaurus?

Jonathan Hillstrand of the 'Deadliest Catch' TV show claims he saw one:

"We saw a big, long white thing moving in the water. We chased it for about 20 minutes," Hillstrand told Discovery News. "Spray came out of its head. It was definitely not a shark. A giant eel may be possible, but eels don't have humps that all move in unison. I've never seen anything like it before."

Hillstrand is well aware of the controversial nature of his claim but gave credit to local fishermen who have reported seeing the Cadborosaurus.

“They are not a bunch of fruitcakes. These are people who are familiar with the local marine life.”


Mark Logan

What it most resembles is a Tizheruk.

"Tizheruk are large, snake-like sea creatures that are believed to roam Alaska's waters. They are described as having a head 7 feet long with a tail ending in a flipper, for a total of 12 to 15 feet long. Tizheruk were said to snatch people from docks and piers."


Yeah, Right

I do not question your sincerity: if you say that you have seen a longer version then I do not doubt that such a version exists.

I would like to see that longer version, which is why I looked for it and - like you - could not find it. There is no need to read anything more into this than simple curiosity.

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