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16 April 2020


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Yes. The German desire to reign over us all is persistent. I had a woman German neighbor a while back who was a Ph.D art historian. I know a fair amount about art but she could not abide that and would recite formulaic descriptions of various media etc. rather than just talk to me about it. She also liked to hold forth on the Middle East, Arab culture etc. I learned eventually that she had never been anywhere but Germany and the US. Funny



As TTG could tell you, "I hope to piss on your grave" would be close to a term of endearment where we come from.


This German is speaking the truth of the authoritarian CCP and why they are responsible for the global calamity of the Wuhan virus.


Here’s the editorial by Bild. Of course b and his ilk will claim that Julian Reichelt is racist and an American tool.


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