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14 April 2020


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Brother Joe

There is general agreement that China regards us as both a political enemy (communism vs liberalism) and an ethnic rival (Han vs the world) They are seeking to greatly reduce our place in the world but not to destroy us. They need our agricultural capacity and ingenuity in design. Whether or not the particular COVID-19 onslaught was deliberate or the result of ineptitude is under discussion. The conclusion in the IC about that will be concealed from the public.



Wishful thinking. Your opinion depends on Chinese honesty.



China did NOT get "nuked." Officially reported deaths are in a range that China would find acceptable in a major covert military action. What American "crisis" are you talking about? The economy was booming with very low unemployment. What are you talking about?


Seamus Padraig

the Chinese campaign against the US has multiple axes. The standard technique is to buy their way into key areas of activity. bio-warfare is only one of many fields of endeavor. One of their interesting activities is to invite "thinkers" to China for seminars, colloquia, etc. where the invited are studied to gain insight into American culture, politics, the economy, etc. the invited are flattered and glad to spend some time being cossetted. IMO the Chinese DID have some hope that the US might go down a lot worse than has happened. Gates? You are just being nasty and silly.

Diana Croissant

I know personally a beautiful Chinese (American now) girl who was sent away from China during the time of the "one child" policy there.

She is now only 16, but having been home schooled, she is already taking classes at the local community college and university.

Will she be a person who ends up pushing back against China? Her major interest in in microbiology. Perhaps she will become one of the people who helps to counter the evil intentions of China and will be working soon to counter or disrupt the evil efforts of her birth country.

Just the fact that a country is willing to give away its children and, perhaps, hope those children will grow up to be loyal to their birth country says much about the Chinese value system.

Kant's categorical imperative? Do the ends ever justify the means, especially when you use humans as "means." People are ends in themselves. This will eventually come back to haunt China. I hope I live to see it.

I grew up fearing that Krushchev and his shoe might someday bury me. Now I see quite a different Russia than the one we feared then. It may not be our friend, but I don't find it as terrifying.

I have no doubt that this pandemic was indeed the result of China's working to engage in biological warfare. And because the Chinese system does not value individual humans, they were and are willing to sacrifice many of their own people, who to them are just "means to and end."



you hit the nail right on the head.

Anyone who believes the numbers of infections/deaths out of China for covid19 - I have a bridge for sale for you.
Their numbers are inaccurate by possibly 100x or more. Millions of mobile phone numbers were cancelled in the last couple of months in China. Not all of them are because of cancellations because of job losses, mobile service carrier change etc. A lot of them would be deaths because of the wuhan coronavirus (aka covid 19)

However, look at the stock indices in China. The China A share index (companies listed in Beijing/Shanghai/Shenzhen) has barely moved. Their industrial capacity is nearly back up to capacity. And the Chinese govt is buying stocks of the covid affected stock markets as if there is no tomorrow - from Australia to India to Europe and the US.

They are trying to take over large chunks of ownerships due to the crash from a virus that originated in China. You think this is all coincidence?

However, I feel that if this serves as a wake up call for the Americans it will be well worth it. The enemy certainly knows what it is doing, but in the US the corrupt liberals are gutting their own homeland. Wake up you virtue signalling, commie loving liberal SJW blowtards!


I agree. Another aspect in this war is the Chinese role in the ongoing Fentanyl trade.

I just do not understand why seemingly intelligent people fail to see the danger that China poses to us. Abject greed contributes but there is something else. Is it arrogance or a borderline racist belief that the Chinese do not have the capacity to be our adversary/enemy?


If we were a healthier nation we would have far fewer deaths from this virus attack. Race, sex, age, and even smoking status are not our weaknesses, obesity is. If anyone is to be quarantined, it should be fat people. The rest of us should be out and about normally in what was our booming economy, why ruin that?

The media tries to shame us into acceptance and now seemingly glorification of fat people. We're a sick society in this regard and we need a healthy society to win this and any other war that pops up.


In both the Naval Diplomat, then again, later, on Naked Capitalism, I've commented that the politicians and business leaders who are responsible for outsourcing American manufacturing and managerial prowess to China should be tried for treason. Is it not clear that their has been and is a concerted effort in education, media and in corporate behavior to make America into a communist state modeled on China? If it's war, it's war.

Upstate NY'er

I feel your pain.
Virginia now has a Governor and legislature to rival California in sheer lefty insanity.
I live in a far left northeastern state (repeating myself) but when I look around, I realize that I'm one of the few grownups.


Lest we forget: Obama flunkies were also on the attack. Loose threads pulled together by Conservative Tree House.

Same names are jelling into real substance now as documents and timelines reveal: Brennan, Comey, Clapper, Fusion GPS and CROWDSTRIKE: https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2020/04/15/a-common-misconception-about-the-origin-of-spygate-political-surveillance-in-the-era-of-president-obama/

How convenient the Democrat and Obama supporting media is running purple journalism COVID-19 cover at the very moment the sordid Obama Spygate cabal is ready to explode.


With respect, Col. Lang, this being your blog & all: It is not the Chinese who are occupying Alexandria - Northern Virginia.
What are the Chinese characters for Clinton - McAuliffe?
Didn't Michael Bloomberg-san declare just a few months ago that he would finance enough Dems/SJWs to turn Virginia blue?

I lived in Charlottesville; I saw -- as did many native Virginians along the Rte 29 corridor -- the influx of New Yorkers beginning (in my observation) from at least 2002. Neocons have overtaken significant seats and institutions at University of Virginia, the Miller Center, headed by Philip Zelikow for one example.
The New York law firm intent on "crushing, silencing, and bankrupting" participants in the protest in Charlottesville are not Chinese, they're proudly self-identified "loud-mouthed Jewish lesbians." https://www.c-span.org/video/?c4799217/user-clip-ifa-executive-director-charlottesville-case

USA did not go to war in Iraq at the prodding of China; rather, China was one of the 56 countries that registered opposition to the 2003 war. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opposition_to_the_Iraq_War

As well, how do you account for the close relationship between Israel and China? Israelis are intent on making Israel a nexus of the new Silk Road; the Chinese have numerous major investments in Israel's infrastructure, in exchange for Israeli technology -- 'borrowed' or stolen from USA.


Israel has been preparing for an Israeli relationship with China since at least 2002 when Dennis Ross, charter president of the Jewish People Policy Planning Institute delegated Solomon Wald to explore Jewish - China relationships: https://www.amazon.com/China-Jewish-People-Shalom-Salomon/dp/9652293474


Hey, as long as they lump in The Neocon/Zionist fifth column on the enemies list I an all for it.

Laura Wilson

Deap....I would like to address the issue of California schools. I don't know how old you are or if you are a product of CA public schools, but I am 71 and I had the absolute Cadillac of public education in California. But, guess what, the per pupil spending back in those days was equivalent to $20,000/pupil in today's dollars. We had walkable neighborhood schools, we had all of our sports transportation and uniforms paid for (admittedly these only for boys sports except for swimming and tennis), we had class sizes of approximately 25 pupils, we had platoons of gardeners and custodians to care for the taxpayer owned facilities, we had RNs for school nurses at most campuses....and the list goes on. Now we are the generation who wants to starve the schools and make them so much more "efficient." If we "returned to the good old days," California schools would be tops. But...it everything including technology costs $. No, I am not a teacher...just a citizen who is very involved with my local schools as an alum and know many teachers and students personally who work very hard.


Col. Lang,

The Straits Times backs up some of your contentions. The Chinese hid their knowledge of the disease.




There are more than one set of enemies. OTOH
the present city government of Alexandria would be at home running a town in China.


Due to the nature of my wife's "retirement" biz we pretty much know all of the (non-chain) restaurant owners here. Not a one of them has received their SBA loans that they applied for. One has to wonder why that is, especially since Pelosi is trying her best to hold up the second tranche.

We did get our $2400 today from the IRS distribution, maybe the IRS is more efficient than the SBA?

The CCP is unelected, the EU is unelected, wondering if there are elements here who would prefer to be unelected officials.



"Sun Tzu? Chop Suey Clausewitz."

What a great putdown :) Chinese leaders studied Sun Tzu, and that has a significant influence on their thinking.

Terence Gore

How would you supply any ship in the far east if you are worried about getting one sailor sick?


"Whether or not the particular COVID-19 onslaught was deliberate or the result of ineptitude is under discussion."

"IMO the Chinese DID have some hope that the US might go down a lot worse than has happened."

That seems like emotional thinking from Beijing. It neglects to consider, or at least discounts, the reaction from Washington, and the outside world.

What happens if we follow the Japanese model, and pay American companies to leave China? What if we shut down the education, and professional work visas, China so thoroughly exploits?



Countries make mistakes in foreign policy.



No wonder they are f----d up.



Interesting finding, an article in a Chinese scientific study showed that among having just over a thousand CCP-virus patients having pneumonia, just under 86% were non-smokers, just under 2% had a history of smoking, and just over 12% were smokers. This was confirmed by the French in their study that found smokers were less likely to be hospitalized with CCP-virus than non-smokers. Which countermands the WHO and their statements that tobacco smokers were at severe risk from the CCP-virus. The CDC confirmed the French study. So.....could smoking provide a protective role against the CCP-virus? The Russian Ministry of Health cites that the presence of nicotine increases the amount of calcium inter-cellular which improves cellular survival. Also D3 can reduce risk of influenza and CCP-virus infections and deaths in a scientific study by the U.S.'s NIH.

So break out the smokes (along with a good glass of bourbon or cognac IMO), bake in the sun and under no circumstances stay locked indoors as Fauci and Brix recommends. Trump IMHO needs to tell Fauci and Brix to hit the bricks. Staying indoors depleats one's calcium levels, and enhances the CCP-virus attack on the immune system.

Nicotine is a natural calcium building stimulate of the nightshade family that has been used for hundreds of thousands of years by humans with one of its herbs being tobacco, native to our Americas dating back at least 1400BC. Native American tribes have traditionally grown tobacco and used it long before it was introduced to the rest of the world. Tobacco unify s communication between humans and spiritual powers. Native American tribes had long established trade routes, I mean large trade routes among themselves before Europeans arrived on the scene. Many say the Great Spirit appeared and told them them how to use tobacco. The Cherokee today refer to tobacco as the ancient one and considered the first of all plants to be used medicinally and spiritually. The tobacco smoke protects one's mind from deceptions by the evil ones, tobacco is used in all deals with first using the ceremonial pipe. The smallpox epidemic of the 1900s saw those that used tobacco prevented them from being wiped out by the disease while those non-smoking were dropping like flies.



With greatest respect, my observation: is that because you are strongly against Communism, so that has affected your ananalysis a bit?

The CCP is not f--up. They just think differently because theirs is a different culture. We should not underestimate a strong and intelligent adversary (in my opinon, not currently an enemy).


It is a theory that should be looked into. I am surprised that some people go nuts against it without even giving time for the investigations. To dismiss it out of hand is irrational.

Let me add that China right now has several countries in the world by the balls, as they are one of the few medical suppliers with free production capacity.

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