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14 April 2020


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Indeed, noticed a recent post by one "Godfree Roberts" and looked into the handle, wasn't surprised by what I found. Be on the lookout for this ilk


Here in our U.S. (and in my state's universities), Chinese 'students/PLA' and 'senior instructors/PLA/中华人民共和国国家安全部 aka Ministry of State Security' have been heavily involved in bio-research at many of our nation's top universities for quite sometime. It is hoped that these U.S. academia institutions are now pulling their heads out of their arses and waking up to the reality that China and its CCP AND their 中华人民共和国国家安全部 are using them to screw them to the wall.


Also, if one doesn't believe how 'committed' and 'brutal' that the CCP and it's 中华人民共和国国家安全部 are, just ask the Chinese of Taiwan. They can give you an ear full of just how ruthless the CCP and its 中华人民共和国国家安全部 are.


Oh deary me; you've succumbed too.
Externalizing one's problems has been one of the lessons of this CV19.
I'll not be reading SST anymore.
I wish you well.

Upstate NY'er

And now it comes out that the NIH (Dr. Fauci?) is giving money to the Wuhan Lab.
More of the swamp.
Is there ONE grownup inside the beltway - or as I have long suspected a very large collection of talkers and incompetent paper pushers who could never hold a real (private sector) job?

Harlan Easley

You are clearly right. This virus originated from a BSL lab in China. All the SJWs scientists are traitors as far as I am concerned and deserve a traitor's death.

The other problem is the SJW or Virtue Signaler Democrat Party. They are full of cowards. And frankly are the enemy.

The press is the enemy of the United States. And therefore this goes much deeper than China.

The group you have eluded to as "desiring world domination" is involved in my opinion. An old conspiracy for the ages.

So that leaves the South and the rest of the deplorables. And it's not enough. But there is one. And he is more than enough.

I say to the cowards nothing ventured nothing gain. Come out of the dark. And face your elimination.


It will serve future conversations better if we distinguish between (1) the actual virus and its confirmed impact, and (2) the overblown panicked reaction to the virus as presented in the media and governmental reactions.

(1) more and more is looking like a bad flu season
(2) is looking like an Unbrave New World.



I live inside the beltway in occupied Virginia.


Stephen Good. Ni hao ma.

blue peacock

"I now consider the CCP and the Chinese government to be enemies of the US that are engaged in an undeclared war against the Unites States."

Thank you, Col. Lang! Coming from a long time warrior deeply knowledgeable about the "dark arts" it means a lot for us civilians.

Some of us have long suspected that the CCP have been exploiting the vulnerability of the contemporary American elite mindset of personal gain at any cost. What happens when the fifth column are the political, financial and corporate leadership of a nation? Congresses and president's from George H.W. Bush to Obama and the leadership of both political parties have been instrumental in the voluntary dismantlement of our industrial base.

Upstate NY'er

Colonel Lang:
Figure of speech, but you're suggesting that I narrow the circumference?

Upstate NY'er

"The press is the enemy of the United States. And therefore this goes much deeper than China."

SO right - the Democrat-media party.


Colonel Lang,

I'm not convinced with your statement "The present pandemic is merely one theater of that war".

If the China CCP is actively engaging in a bio-weapon attack against us, then why not infecting a few Americans at some airport such as Bejing before they fly home? that would make the epicenter somewhere in the US, no need to sacrify many thoudsands in Wuhan.



How do you know that the Chinese did not send us a few American "virus bombs?" You have no idea what vectors the CCP adopted. They care not if a few thousand Chinese die in service of "progress."



No. I live in "progressive" territory. Alexandria and much of Virginia is no longer what it was.



"They care not if a few thousand Chinese die in service of "progress.""

That I'd agree.

With that said, however well planned, an attack like that would have high probability for the epidemic could have got out of control. Not a Sun Tzu move.


Anyone know a full time government worker who has missed paycheck, even if they are no longer required to be on the job? Are government employees or agencies experiencing the same depth of consequences as private sector businesses?

Out west, our school district lost track of 500 students when they stopped holding classes, yet no official attendance rosters are kept for this now online school experience.

So the state is still required to pay for each formerly enrolled students, before they were sent home to attend "online classes". Whether they still are present in the district of not. Since testing was also eliminated, there is no work product accountability.

So a certain segment of government employees continue to get paid, have no full complement of students and are 100% unaccountable for outcomes. But the school district claims "they are working on this".

And the kicker is Gov Newsom said schools cannot re-open until they provide "social distancing" for students and staff. This of course doubles the need for classrooms and numbers of teachers, in order to serve the same student population.

Which means overnight more teacher jobs and more teacher union dues flowing into the California Democrat Party. Just so we can continue paying for our #45 ranked school systems.

Corona shut down: Cui bono?


I sniffed these guys out back in 1997 when a group came to my university promoting a couple of books, including a seminar, one book being The Rape of Nanking. It seemed so blatantly propagandist. I did buy the books. Still haven’t read them. Been living in Japan for 17 years now. lol. Watched Jaws the other night. “But we delivered the bomb”.



Which "guys?"



Sun Tzu? Chop Suey Clausewitz. That's what people quote when they want to sound like they know something about war. Try the real thing, and not a commentary. The epidemic may well have gotten out of control in China, but it will take a long time to find out. That detracts not at all from my conclusion that the manufacture of such a weapon was not part of a larger covert war against the US. A deliberate release or an accident from the weapons lab. Same- same

Seamus Padraig

So the PRC sought to bring down America with ... the flu? Or did they have advance intelligence that the US media and government were going to go full retard over this and lockdown the entire country? Is Bill Gates a Chinese agent? Will his vaccine make us all start craving bat soup?


Which "guys?"
A group of Chinese and possibly Chinese Americans touring campuses.



I am long time lurker at this board and found this topic to be an interesting one.

It is no question that relations between China and USA has deteriorated even further with this COVID 19 pandemic. I am however, wondering how did China nurture CoVID virus? They literally got "nuked" by it themselves.

From the sidelines, it looks to me that they've responded to it more efficiently than US, where CoVID 19 pandemic is a catalyst for a crysis accumulated in US prior to pandemic onset.


The Virus was first spotted in China (fact), may very well be a virus that was transmitted to people from a research lab in Wuhan as the WP reported earlier. https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2020/04/14/state-department-cables-warned-safety-issues-wuhan-lab-studying-bat-coronaviruses/

China likely under reported the number of cases and the fatalities from the new Chinese Virus.
China also likely knew about the virus for sometime before reporting it to the WHO.
China initially either failed to realized or did not report that the virus can be spread from human to human.

But also fact is that there is nothing sinister or unusual about this Corona Virus to make any scientist in the West or even US military intelligence claim that it could be a biological weapon altered in a military facility.

Fact: China's economy was the first to suffer, with almost total shut down of its economy, promoting talk in the West of moving manufacturing out of China.

Fact: That shut down was visible to all of us and widely reported.

Fact: China's economy is an export economy, so shutting down the American or other importing markets is counter productive from a Chinese point of view.

Fact: China sequenced the virus and released all the information to the world including the CDC on January 10. which would have given ample time for the West to prepare its very advanced lab, healthcare system and pharmaceutical industry to confront any potential spread.


Brother Pat,
You obviously have many contacts in the security and intelligence community. Do they share your outlook? Could you give us a summary of how they are leaning? Thanks.

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