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24 April 2020


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God bless em all. But particularly the coastwatchers in the Solomons that probably saved my father's a$$.

Did you go to a dawn service?



The dawn services was cancelled everywhere.

Re; Coastwatchers; It’s a small world; as a teenager, my first girlfriend was the daughter of W.F.M. Clemens, he of Guadalcanal fame. I used to see him regularly until a few years before he died in 2009 and I still catch up with the daughter at social functions once or twice a year.



Thanks for the link. I'll have to get a copy of Clemens' book. The raids he organized on Japanese supply depots must have been devastating. I wonder if he worked with native Sergeant Major Vouza, who was also in many of my father's stories of his time there.

The Twisted Genius


My respect and best wishes to you and all your ANZAC brethren. My experience with the 1st RAR began when an infantry company came to Hawaii for an exchange exercise. It was my introduction to Aussie rule football. The following year we flew to Townsville. A number of us lieutenants sat with our Aussie hosts when we were joined by some Brit officers. Regimental songs were sung. We Americans didn't know how to respond so we sang "The Battle of New Orleans." One of the Brits was a Highlander. He started tearing up as he recounted his regiments losses at New Orleans in 1814. I enjoyed my days with the 1st RAR.

Here's an inspiring version of the charge of the Australian Light Horse at Beersheba. You've probably seen it, but I offer it as a salute on ANZAC Day.



I’m glad you had a good time with 1RAR. We have a lot of fun introducing Americans to Australian beer which is a little stronger than yours. My last victim was the XO of the USS Antietam about twelve years ago.

Thank you for the Light Horse video. The Australian Light Horse, I was told by my father, was a rare thing among cavalry - they could successfully maneuver at night.

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