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27 April 2020


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The Twisted Genius


Sexual assault allegations agains Trump include the following:

- Kristin Anderson, vaginal groping by Trump in NYC nightclub in early 1990s
- Jill Harth, vaginal groping by Trump at Mar-a-Lago in early 1990s
- Karen Johnson vaginal groping at Mar-a-Lago in early 2000s
- E. Jean Carroll, penal penetration of vagina in department store dressing room in mid-1990s. She is currently suing for Trump DNA sample to compare to the dress she wore that day.

There are 20 or so other allegations of forcible kissing and grabbing of ass and boobs and lewd behavior.



OK. So, what does the "me too" crowd have to say about the two men having similar records. I will be surprised if more such Biden behavior does not emerge.

The Twisted Genius


I think the "me too" crowd doesn't know whether to shit or go blind. Both Trump and Fairfax have made holding fast and deny everything the default defense. It now boils down to "if it's your guy, what the woman says doesn't matter." We'll have to wait and see how this all plays out.


Sam I am,

"The NY Dem primary is cancelled"
And a lot of incumbents temporarily saved as a result. I'm not sure of the nominating process in NY but if it is like Michigan they've effectively nuetralized any additional opponents from getting on the ballot.


We can look to apply the Cui Bono calculation in two ways: applied to reach an understanding why and what brought Tara Reade forth now leads us to wonder whether the woman had any political motive at all other than to torpedo the candidacy of the contemptible born hypocrite that violated her. She certainly had to have known the avalanche of slander the Evil Party political scum would bring down around her, and that would make her one brave woman. Is it possible that she was put up to it or consulted beforehand with surrogates for another candidate? Perhaps, although I think it unlikely. I think it more likely that the prospect of the Joe Biden of her own bitter experience nauseated her as it would any normal person.
Applying the Cui Bono calculation as a strictly political calculation now that the allegation is forcing its way into the equation brings us to a different kind of consideration.. In a Party where prudential hypocrisy is not tolerated, but demanded, who is in a position to benefit without overflowing the cup of hypocrisy and looking like a fool. That would be the Hildabeast, although she has demonstrated that she will risk playing the fool to keep in the game. Does Warren, or Buttigieg, or Sanders have the political courage to take on the Pelosis, the Gores, the Obamas, the NY Times, the Washington Post who are all in on their Chernenko, at the same time undercutting the one virtue that defines the soul of the modern Democratic Party, shameless hypocrisy. Does, for that matter, Cuomo have the kind of courage to try to hang Creepy Joe by his own petard.
No, I fear for Miss Reade. If it proves that they can't ignore her, they will destroy her. It is better that one woman be destroyed for the good of the Party. It is the Clinton way. It is the Democrat way.



Here are the documented cases against Trump. At least 22 women, none of them is prostitute.




As I told TTG this puts Biden and Trump on an even basis for comparison, but Trump is not senile.



Some of these incidents are similar to the accusation made of Biden. I find the pattern of “Roy Cohn” style denials and Trump’s comments - having nothing to do w/ the allegation & more about their desirability to him - to be revealing. Maybe they are all prostitutes.



You are stupidly repeating the back and forth in comments. what's your point? Is it that Trump is not a gentleman? Yes. He is not a gentleman but neither is Biden, and as I wrote earlier, Trump is not senile.


Sorry, Col, I missed TTG’s comments & that of others.
My point; As a relativist, I bias toward making comparisons. If one wishes to assess these candidates by their criminal behavior of a sexual / violent nature, then I think it is hypocritical to reject one as a candidate w/o eliminating the other. It is also appropriate (if one wishes to make these accusations A Very Big Deal) to evaluate if their behavior reveals a very long-term pattern or is a singular event.

If one thinks EVERYTHING in politics is a game within a game within a game, then I recommend that saying (Sagan on alien life & UFOs?), “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence”. While I’ve noted more & more extraordinary claims in our hyper-partisan politics in recent years, the criteria for evidence seems to be little more than an entertaining narrative rich in ideology. I refuse to accept that - must be the idealist in me.


Joe Biden thinks we need to have "economic intercourse" with the rest of the world. Having this senile old man as candidate for president is crazy. He could have been thinking about all the women he imagines lust after him.



I still think HRC thinks she has a chance. Give creepy Joe enough rope and with a little help from her minions, he will self destruct before the convention. Better still, he could refuse the nomination in favor of HRC.

The Clintons never give up. They are narcissists, they will never stop. HRC may yet come forward according to a Hollywood written and directed script to save the nation. As for Cuomo, what Democrat would dare to come forward while HRC is still around?

Nope, HRC is working to a script where she is dragged into the limelight and made to stand against the Donald in order to “save” the country. If Trump flags (he is looking tired) and Biden implodes, well, who else is there?


walrus. I just heard Joe Lieberman say on the TeeVee that Joe's Biden's digital adventure would have little effect in November because there is "no pattern of behavior." Hah! Wait and see!



"HRC is working to a script where she is dragged into the limelight and made to stand against the Donald in order to “save” the country."

Hilary's people are as ruthless as she, at some point they'll turn on her and each other, or self destruct, as Cuomo is doing. If this virus is a deadly as Fauci and company claim Hilary should hunker down lower than Biden since they might be dragging her off to an ICU if she catches it.


TTG gave a link to a Wikipedia site which listed DJT’s known transgressions, and after careful examination of each case, I find that DJT’s incidents are distinctly the more palatable.

I think comparing the two is worthwhile, and should be brought up, because DJT comes off as the more decent of the two. Maybe not by as far as we would like, but the difference is there.

ST Harris

Hilary v Trump II? Bring it on! and God help us all:


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