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27 April 2020


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What else?

The CDC, source of death care estimates into the millions and the strategy of shuting down "to slow the spread/flatten the curve" have effectively destroyed health care coverage for non-Covid19 patients with the exceptions of a handful of mid-Western states. They additionally required the test kits they were manufacturing to have a third component to test for SARS and other similar viruses not just Covid19.

Other career bureaucrats have been similarly guarding their turf and proving their infalability. Dr. Fausti being first amongst equals in that matter. He's probably going to kill more Americans than this virus if we don't open the economy - hospitals outside of half a dozen democratic death traps like NYC and Detroit, which aren't experiencing a fraction of the problem a congested metropolis with still functioning metro system with zero effort by Democratic Socialist De Blasio to keep clean. It's not like they don't have unemployed people who could do that job. Michigan is running a good second behind NY on ineffective governance.


"What else?"

The pending exhonoration, or escalation of the case, of Michal Flynn. If no indictments are forthcoming as a result of Durham's probe then the motor voter registrations in California, with a few million illegal alien residents, and vote by mail curtesy of Gov. Newsome, is going to result is zero Republicans in congress in that state and we can kiss goodbye the Republic as that proto-communist playbook will be repeated nationwide.

Joe diGenova on WAML at 7:05am.

Has anyone heard from former AG Rosenstein ?


Trump has not been worn down. He is preparing for the next assault which commands all our focus - the unfolding Russia-gate hoax, the Flynn sting operation, and the far more sinister deep state coup revelations soon to come to light.

"Covid" as a media event is a dead horse. There is no mileage left letting the media continue its perverse drumbeat of horror, death and pending OrangeManBad zombie apocalypse. Giving the media one more second to define this "flu season" according to their own TDS agenda is one second far too many.


Trump - with his immature need for constant attention - wore himself down with daily 2 hour "briefings."
And I'm a Trump voter, or more accurately, an American who doesn't despise America like the Democrat-media party does.


Inside every leftist is a little tyrant, jus waiting to be released. I have seen this phenomenon in action recently on two fronts.

The public one is our state leader, Daniel Andrews, who under cover of Coronavirus, has banned hunting, fishing, golf and the use of recreational boats. Funny that, left wing inner city types who vote for him don’t do any of those things. Instead they clog up the roads with their bicycles (permitted).

Master Slacker

And it looks like Michelle is Becoming a real political candidate. It must be the the call of MLK's arc of justice.


having done what Trump bragged about, i.e., having inserted finger or fingers into a woman staffer's vagina by force and without her consent,

My understanding was that Trump claimed that any woman would consent to Trump's advances, and thus Trump always claimed to enjoy the consent of any woman he grabbed. Whatever Trump's sins, I doubt that Trump has groped as many women and children as Biden has.

David O White

I have to say that as a Democrat, I believed the accusers of Trump and Kavanaugh. So I also have to believe the accuser of Biden. Because of this and his apparent old age disabilities, I will not vote for him, or Trump either for that matter. But I am 71 years old and I guess it is up to other generations to determine the fate of the country.


David O White
So, you believed Kavanaugh's accuser BECAUSE you are a Democrat?



As I recall Trump said on the tape that if you have power you can just grab them by the ------- and they will submit. I suppose you could call that "consent." as to the numbers, IMO you are probably correct.


David O White

"But I am 71 years old and I guess it is up to other generations to determine the fate of the country" I am pleased to learn that you will not vote this year.


Tara Reade is not alleging that Biden raped her but that he sexually assaulted her. These terms are not legally interchangeable, but the latter was used as a euphemism for the former for most of the 20th century.

Either way, I am surprised the globalists have not attempted to destroy her yet.

The mainstream liberal outlets are pretending this is not happening but the more progressive outlets (HuffPost, Mother Jones, Democracy Now) are covering it. Huffpo had it as a headline today.

This will make it easier for men not to vote for Biden but probably not too many women who are already leaning that way.


Allegedly two separate quotes:
1. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything.”
2. “Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.”

"In a response to the Washington Post, Trump said, in a statement that speaks for itself:

This was locker room banter, a private conversation that took place many years ago. Bill Clinton has said far worse to me on the golf course - not even close. I apologize if anyone was offended."



I thought you were a historian of the late Roman Empire, But, helas, you must be a lawyer. I was careful in my language, rape is rape.





I believe the reason Democrats and their media allies are frantic to keep the country shut down is to create the conditions of a forced months long general strike in order to cripple the economy. All of this is to get rid of Trump but would send the country into another “Long Depression 1873-1896”, but worse. Too bad both red states and a social democracies like Sweden and Austria are going embarrass them badly, to the point where places like San Francisco may experience their own rebellions.


So we will have to choose the lesser of 2 evils? then for sure it does not matter who you will vote for, we'll have a rapist, allegedly, for president this November.


I am not clear on the value of contrasting a Trump statement to a Biden behavior - when there are numerous public accusations of Trump’s sexual criminal behavior to reference for comparison.

Leonard Strauss

I think Identity Politics only works one way, by the Democrats against everybody else. Another thing that I have observed is that it only works if you are a white upper-middle or upper-class woman who works in the showbiz, media, and politics who wants to have a few more millions and more 'power' not by way of earning it the hard way and through honest work, but by 'politicking' and recruiting political minions and the 'patriarchal' power of the state to fight for her 'cause' and against 'injustice'.

Pelosi or Clinton and other top female Democrats are extremely brutally dishonest and cut-throat. It was brutal to watch how they suppressed and censored Tulsi Gabbard, who by any 'normal' modern Democratic Party standards would have been a model candidate in 2020. But in this day and age, there is no normal outside the definition of what normal is defined by the DNC.

Bernie too proved to be such a weakling and such a dishonest candidate that he even apologized to Biden and the Democratic elite for how his so-called 'Bernie Bros' had been behaving both online and in his rallies. Imagine if Trump had apologized for how his base behaved in his rallies or on Twitter or wherever... I am not a Trump fan, but I admire how he put aside the politically correct esoteric (Straussian) nonsense of the typical Democrats and Republicans and spoke his mind and connected with voters. It still fun to watch how Trump dismantled Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush in 16'. With Bernie, whether consciously or unconsciously, his supporters naively expected a left-wing populist Trump who would wage the same fight as Trump did in 16' but with a socialist flavor, but not only he did not do it, but he also embarrassed them to the point of confusion and embarrassment (1).

On what's next in the Biden camp, I am waiting to see who he would nominate as his VP. Biden himself has said this it would be a woman of color, and that he was able to 'win' the Carolinas primaries and Super Tuesday only with the help of the black votes. I think Stacey Abrams is a person of interest here, or Kamala. As for his 'proposed' cabinet members which was 'leaked to the press, it is Obama admin redux. Note SoD: Michele Flournoy, and Kerry/Rice as SoS, and Jamie Dimon and the unpalatable Bloomberg as SoT (2).

These people are outrageously out of touch with reality.

(1). https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/political-commentary/bernie-sanders-joe-biden-debate-go-out-swinging-967462/

(2). https://www.axios.com/joe-biden-cabinet-vice-president-picks-b17882ac-3953-450f-8afb-38a3c8dcda57.html


No, sir. I am neither. I just spent an afternoon reading about Brock Turner, and it stuck.

It may interest you to know that as a result of that case, California brought its laws into congruence with what seems to be your position.

My sense is that this precedent will be used to change state laws everywhere. The result being that trying to get to "third base" could now send a highschool senior to prison for a decade or more.

Sam I Am

Col. Lang,

To be frank, while my personal political leanings are usually geared towards the left of the political system, this Business Insider article and the fact that CNN deleted the Larry King tape in which the mother called in from Google Play collection (and no other episode from that year) has sealed the nail in the coffin for my already lack-luster support and/or vote for Creepy Uncle Joe.

Beyond the perverse abuse of power allegation in itself, this article, along with the like of the New York Times and CNN not covering this story on the behest of Biden's campaign (this was admitted as much by the NYT head editor, who also explicitly downplayed Biden's pattern of sexual harassment and improprieties in the same article) definitely proves that #Resitence and all the neo-liberal corportist Dem Establishment in cahoots with anti-Trump GOP neo-con war criminals (David Frum, etc) are willing to do whatever it takes to protect their political and economic power.

This perverse cabal of WOKE 1%ers is leading the country to the abyss, by actively preventing outside candidates such as Tusli and Bernie from having a fair shot in a clean election. If Biden and his people win the election, there is a possibility that will control the executive branch for another 12 years.

I am not a fan of Trump, and his response to Covid and ramblings at the Covid press conferences are disheartening to say the least. I too may bite the bullet and vote 3rd party or "vote with my feet" as Lenin used to say and will not be voting at all.

Thank you for your blog and though I don't always agree with all the posts on SST, I am grateful for having a venue to read viewpoints conspicuously absent from the lame street media and the public political discourse at large.


Sam I am

IMO you have to ask Cui Bono? It seems to me that the intent in releasing this specific accusation of rape must be to replace Nasty Man Joe with someone else. Who?



I am not aware of claims by women that Trump actually attacked them and grasped their genitals. Prostitutes do not count. They signed up for that. Perhaps I have missed such accusations. I know he is accused of kissing women without their consent, but ... Not quite the same thing.

Sam I Am


In my mind, it is the next generation of Wall Street and Media connected Woke Dems such Harris, and her ilk. Gov. Cuomo, has been presented as a possible contender this year, but he has publicly and repeatedly turned down the possibility of replacing Uncle Joe. He may change his mind of course, he is a politician.

Biden or whoever his token PoC VP (who will really be running the show) will most likely stuff their admin with ex-Obama admin staffers, Goldman Sachs bankers, and Neo-con/Liberal Interventionist hacks who have wreaked havoc worldwide during the past administration.

I am not sure what machinations the DNC can conspire in to replace Biden at this stage of the nomination process, even if they wanted to. The NY Dem primary is cancelled and in-person primaries going forward are theoretically out of the question before the convention (36 people who participated in WI Dem Primary have caught Covid directly from the in person voting process according to one story I read).

But as a private organization, the DNC can disregard its own stated rules if need be (as seen in the 2016 Primary race) if they truly feel like Biden will be HRC 2.0.


Sam I am

If they could be sure of winning with Joe I think they would stick with him but he may fall on his face figuratively or literally before the election. If he were elected they could use him as a figurehead, but ...

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