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07 April 2020


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And in other news; China files more patents than the U.S. for the first time....

Yes, the dastardly Chinese are stealing our research. So what? We return the favor. We are just as big in IP thievery, it’s an international sport. Good. science knows no home. I had a Chinese researcher who developed new Sialones - ultra hard, tough and light ceramic. Maybe even body armor grade. I thought about talking about it to the Wright Patterson materials guys. Then had second thoughts about getting myself fired. That was about 2002.



What are the penalties for not packaging and labeling some DNA properly? Not telling the truth to customs is stupid and bound to have penalties but the DNA is not dangerous.


This is an illuminating and timely post regarding both foreign student enrollment and legal aspects of the stunning government response to the virus. Thank you.

On a subject related to student enrollment, there is a point to be made about numbers. I understand from an informed person that some university graduate schools have 50% to 80% foreign enrollment, with the much higher out of state tuition that is bound to be appealing to the school treasurer.

One possible example would be a graduate school with 75% Chinese. You might think that there is a focused effort by the Chinese Government to swarm the school and syphon off knowledge and critical information. Maybe so. But look around and reflect on how many people and relatives you know who have personal relations (including marriage) with non natives, including Chinese. Again, the point is about numbers, pure numbers!



"we" have citizens in China under The Exchange Visitor non-immigrant visa category participating in work-and study-based exchange as cover for IP thievery? And thier wives get jobs with the Chinese government to boot? Just like the Zheng's wife?

It is pretty apparent that the Chinese government and every "LCC" business, multinationals, immigration and open borders advocates and plain anti-American leaning governments and groups all have common cause against the US and especially the Trump administration. They join together with neocon, "the borg" of the US foreign policy establishipment, the MSM and most of the Democratic leadership in trying to destroy this administration by what ammounts to economic war with the IO campaign being waged in coordination with the virus that leaked out of a Chinese viral lab. "Never let an opportunity go to waste". These people sure aren't.


"A friend who was a research scientist and also taught at medical and dental schools in the University of Texas system lamented several years ago as an eyewitness that lab assistants and others were being replaced by foreign born persons, most noticeably Chinese, and not because of a lack of intelligent, capable, and motivated students and teachers born here. "

That's also true at the University of Florida and in Michigan. Too many of our kids get waitlisted or steered into SJW social "science" classes. Then there this the cost explosion. We need to end all these visas. The corrupt and administratively bloated university systems are going to implode if Trump is re-elected so I would count most of the academics as anti-Trump, pro-Covid panic.



You’re right. The Chinese all work for “China Inc.” The Universities know it but love their money. Many years ago I inherited a University office from the overseas student organisation after they had built their own office building on campus. It had fitted furniture and a built in bar with refrigerator. I have never had such a decadent workplace.



You conveniently avoided answering my questions. An office with furniture, a bar and with a refrigerator! Shocking that someone would think of that.

Charlie Wilson

I think we should exchange Lieber for those million face masks we supplied gratis to the IDF. He is gonna and up there anyway. May as well get something in return.


Charlie Wilson,

"we supplied gratis to the IDF. "
Is that the million masks the IDF got from China?:
By "we" you mean you are Chinese? Or did you get your report from "The New Arab" website? We Americans should end most federal grants to Harvard until "we" decide they can be trusted. Lieber can have Jeffrey Epsteins cell if he's convicted.

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