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03 March 2020


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One thing in common: "proportional". That's a guarantee for chaos, or "adult" supervision from the party elite.


Biden crushing it!


Larry, your recent analysis that Sanders' support was softening seems to be playing out. In the closed/semi-closed primaries in Massachusetts (90% counted), North Carolina (100% counted, and Oklahoma (100% counted) he's gotten significantly fewer votes than in 2016. California and Colorado haven't counted enough votes yet to compare to 2016. Maybe anti-Clinton sentiment helped Sanders in 2016 more than has been acknowledged.

That a dolt like Biden performed so well on Super Tuesday would be more remarkable if most of his victories hadn't taken place in states that Trump will almost certainly win in November.

exiled off mainstreet

Biden carries so much corrupt baggage and behaves as though he heading towards incompetency. It is profoundly disappointing to see his campaign revived from the dead by propaganda and low information voters who are easy marks for the power structure despite the facts being generally known. Once his record and behaviour patterns again become the focus of attention, as will inevitably happen even though he is a darling of the established power structure, he should soon return to discredited status. All of this makes it much more likely that Trump will remain president next year.


Chuck Hagel is endorsing Biden.


The Democratic primary is over. Obama has turned out to be the kingmaker in the party. The Biden vs Trump general election will be entertaining at the least. The contest is in reality a handful of states - Michigan, Pennsylvania and I will add Florida & Ohio too.

Kamala Harris seems to be the VP choice bet those that forecast the Biden win are making. She’s such a phony. But I suppose that’s the metaphor for contemporary America.

marc b.

Harris is a phony, and would spend most of her time fending off the spittle-stained, blank-eyed Biden. Not that she has no experience in such matters. I have sat out the last two presidential elections. Shaping up for a third.

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