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19 March 2020


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I share your view of Tulsi, aloha spirit lives!
I have never met her, but I voted for her.
I have no "inside information" about her endorsements.
But I am sure that the biggest influences on her views of foreign policy were from Dennis Kucinich, and also from William R Polk.
It is a surprise to me that Tulsi's campaign was so vilified in her district. That may have been the influence of team Hillary, and perhaps also the old Dan Inouye team. Tulsi never worked for Inouye, she did work for Senator Dan Akaka. Remember that Inouye allowed himself to be Nixon's point man for justification of the VN war, and only late in life did Inouye apologize and renounce that view. Akaka was never as powerful as Inouye, and he never took elocution lessons either. Akaka had a big Hawaiian heart, and he understood aloha spirit and the need for USA to get out of endless war.

different clue

People in politics do what they have to do, or sometimes are forced to do. So Gabbard has endorsed Biden.

Just because Gabbard has endorsed Biden doesn't mean that we have to. We can if we want to. But we don't have to.

I hope the Movement Gabbardists can still put her name as a choice for President on all 50 state ballots.


My SWAG is Biden picks... Hillary.

Though Michelle Obama is an obvious option, too.

Or some other losing choice.


Tulsi Gabbard is only 38 yrs old . I believe she has many years left in politics


Tulsi has insulted Queen Hilary. Hilary is a narcissist. Gabbard has no future in the DNC because narcissists hate you utterly and permanently when you cross them. Bernie and Biden are both beholden to HRC. Mitt Romneys senate vote against Trump is an example of that narcissistic hatred.

I have experienced this bizarre behavior myself from an Australian public figure for no more than correcting a date during a lunch discussion.


Linda -

I hope so, but Kai Kahele is going to take her congressional seat in November. Plus she has made many enemies in Hawai'i political circles including Mazie Hirono.

My question is will she get an apology from Hillary Clinton for defaming her as a Russkii asset? Probably not. Or from the many who called her an Assad shill, a secret Trumpista, a David Duke neo-Nazi, a queerbaiter, and an agent of Prime Minister Modi's Hindu nationalism.

I never understood the Assad shill comments considering that Jimmie Carter and many others had shaken Assad's hand. Trumpista? She called him "unfit to serve". David Duke? He also praised Ilhan Omar but nobody spoke out against her. Queerbaiter? As a teenager she supported her father's conversion therapy for LGBTs, but publicly recanted well over 15 years ago. And yes she is a Hindu, but not a nationalist, she stopped reaching out to Hindu-American Modi supporters when they endorsed DJT.


Biden didn't recognize his own wife when she walked up to him. It was captured on video. Biden more often that naught, has the look of deer in the headlights. His dementia/alzheimers symptoms appear to be increasing. I cared for my parents in their later years at our farm. My mother had advanced alzheimers. Biden's not recognizing his own wife, is one of the alzheimer's displayed reactions.

IMO Tulsi is doing neither our nation, nor her democrat party any favors by endorsing Biden. The Biden of today is not the Biden she claims to have known.

Chet Richards

Nice piece on MAJ Gabbard's candidacy by Kelly Vlahos over at The American Conservative, "What Tulsi Gabbard Did For Us", https://www.theamericanconservative.com/state-of-the-union/what-tulsi-gabbard-did-for-us/


re Tulsi Gabbard is only 38 yrs old . I believe she has many years left in politics

By the undesirable Trump cabinet standard - iirc one of his ministers (iirc the one with the nickname "King of Bankruptcy") is sprightly 83 years old - that'd be about half a century.

That said, one of Germany's prominent virologists said that we have to expect the pandemy state of emergency lasts one year + . I wouldn't exactly like home office for a year, not to mention things like sickness, death and job losses.

In my neighbourhood some bars have closed till mid of April, local döner houses have closed fully, others don't allow eating the food there anymore. There are now distance lines at the counters in the supermarkets, a rule naturally ignored by the dummies.

Yesterday a young 1,90m & BMI 40 & IQ 20 man refused to attend these distance rules because "he likes to stand where he stands ... äh ... you ... woman". Admittedly, in this combination walking likely is not fun.

Appeals at his reason bounced off. It's difficult for a female employee who's a third of that in terms of mass and size and seven + times superior in IQ to argue with such an example.

A dutch politician made a joke on the hysterical 'hamsterkäufers' who buy up all the toilet paper - to an extent that others are joking about toilet paper becoming a currency soon - he said "we have enough toilet paper to crap for two years".



Cheers to that (with morning coffee), and good health. The bird singing at this time of the day also greatly help me to cheer up.


Joe recently told donors that his VP needs to be able to act immediately. Is this why he's been out of sight for a week?
Trump will use this against him in the election, I promise you.

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