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23 March 2020


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Fred 'The Song of the South?" my favorite among all the Disney things, now abjured, alas.



Yes, another SJW victory in erasing our past.



Good post. Pls don't approve comments from the Danan entity.



If it is your "hobbyhorse" to write that the virus is an conspiracy among the world's bankers to cover up the coming collapse of the world economy, you should know that I am not going to provide a platform for Marxist agitprop. I have deleted several of your comments and will continue to do more of that.



Yes. I am waiting here in occupied Virginia for their next move.



Will do. Glad you and SWMBO are in good shape.


Fred for President!


Wow! Plus a great photo of Vlad Vladimirovitch riding his trusty bear, 'Fancy,' to the rescue! Sort of like when we were kids, playing Cossacks and Indians. (Poor Tsar Paul. It was a pretty good idea on paper.)
Stay safe!

English Outsider

Fred, just to settle a bet. That picture third down is photoshopped, right? One can never be entirely sure with Volodya.



I think that was taken by one of those 3 letter agencies. Now if only Senator Burr of NC would stop counting his ill got gains he could have the Senate Select Committee on Intellegence subpeona Mr. Brennan, which he refused to do during that impeachment trial, and we could ask him. Cheers!


Our govener finally grew a pair, all you New Yawkers coming down here to live in mom's basement after you got locked down are facing a 14 day quarantine upon arrival, at your expense.

Diana Croissant

For someone who has practices social distancing all her life, I enjoyed reading this as it gave me an exciting new idea. Rather than hanging out away from people with a dog, I should get myself a friendly bear companion instead.

People like dogs and spoil the whole point of social distancing by failing to follow the six-foot rule so they can pet my dog.

I just need to get a bear instead.

And that reminds me of a Mamas and Papas song with these lyrics:
"I'd rather be a gypsy who's camped at the edge of town, the one who has a dancing bear that follows him around."

Thanks! It was a fun read.

different clue

The photo of 4 Saint Bernard's with essential supply items around their neck reminded me of one of Alfred Hitchcock's introductions to his " Alfred Hitchcock Presents" show. I tried to find video but couldn't. It is tangentially related in that it featured a Saint Bernard. Since I can't find the video, I can hope that maybe the reader can imagine the scene ( if this is thought worthy of offering to the readership).

So . . . setting the scene . . .

Alfred Hitchcock sitting on a stool.

A Saint Bernard walks in with a cask around its neck, and walks up to Mr. Hitchcock. Mr. Hitchcock says - "What have we here?"

And pours himself some brandy and sips a little. And looks at the camera and says . . .

. . . " Man's best friend. And a dog, too."



Glad you enjoyed this. Here's another classic bear for you.

If you can find it on line try "Box of Visions" By Tom Russell. You might enjoy that song too.

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