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29 March 2020


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First I am not going to defend a position I did not take. Never did I say looting is taking place “now”. It is an historical fact that looting happens during a crisis: race riots in the 60s, 77 NY blackout, after hurricanes Katrina, etc, etc. Maybe it won’t happen this time and that’s great.
Second, if you think hoarding and price gouging to be acceptable forms of capitalism, I won’t argue you because I don’t.



" if you think hoarding and price gouging to be acceptable..."
I don't. Take your arguementative sophistry elsewhere. Don't bother commenting again.



The Guardian put out an artilce a few days ago noting that. Within it:
"Ventilator experts said smaller models typically cost about £5,000 to make, while the larger devices could sell for £25,000." That's about $6,500 to $31,000. Notice the shift between "cost" and "sell for". That's one way to bury cost and determining what price these should reasonably sell for wholesale in volumes need now. Good news also as Sir James is paying for 5,000 out of his own pocket, thanks for pointing that out.

I also see Governor Cuomo is now complaining about price, noticably not mentioning company names.


Re Project Aura ventilator, there u go, the following is not beyond a paywall. yes, i share the skepticism of drivel put out by nyt, et al. ditto wikipedia. but here it is, like Col. Lang states, evaluate the material from the messenger separately:

"Officials assessments
In the 2000s, the CDC estimated a shortage of 40~70,000 ventilators in case of pandemic influenza.[42] From this assessment resulted Project Aura, a public-private initiative to design a frugal, 3,000 US$ mechanical ventilator, simple to mass-produce, and able to supply the Strategic National Stockpile.[42] Newport Medical Instruments was granted the contract, designing and prototyping (2011) the frugal ventilators to CDC officials, and expecting to later profit from the product by moving into the private market were other competing devices were sold for 10,000US$.[42] On April 2012, US Health and Human Services officials confirmed to the US Congress that the project was on schedule to file for market approval in late 2013, afterwhat the device would go into mass-production.[42] On May 2012, 12B$-worth medical conglomerate Covidien, a top actor of the mechanical ventilation market, acquired Newport for 100 millions US$.[42] Covidien soon asked to cancel the Project Aura contract since it wasn't profitable enough.[42] Former Newport executives, government officials and executives at rival ventilator companies suspect Covidien acquired Newport to prevent the frugal 3,000 ventilator design from disturbing its profitable ventilation operation.[42] Covidien has merged in 2015 into Medtronic.[42] Project Aura looked for and then signed a new contract with Philips Healthcare. In July 2019, the FDA signed for 10,000 units of their Trilogy Evo portable ventilator, to be delivered to the SNS by mid-2020.[42]

On March 25, Andrew Cuomo made a detailed 1h COVID19 press conference,[43][44] emphasizing an expectation of a severe shortage of ventilators, and their importance in sustaining life in severe COVID-19 cases.[45] Cuomo said New York state would ultimately need about 30,000 ventilators to handle the influx, while having only 4,000 as of March 25; on the 27th, President Trump expressed doubt about the need, saying "I don’t believe you need 40,000 or 30,000 ventilators," and resisting calls to force businesses to produce them.[46][45] Later on the 27th, the President acceded to calls to assist states in ventilator procurement, using the Defense Production Act; fears remain that procurement will not happen in time to prevent severe shortages.[47]"




"Former Newport executives, government officials and executives at rival ventilator companies suspect Covidien acquired Newport to prevent the frugal 3,000 ventilator design from disturbing its profitable ventilation operation."

No sh##. Who at CDC issued a single source purchase order for engineering, design, and testing of ventilator prototypes? Who were the competitors quoted, inquiring minds like to know and maybe the wiki editors could ask the NYT who they talked to about that. Who issued a single source PO for said ventilators? This just highlights two more groups that will hate Donald J. Trump as this crisis is already showing the ineffectiveness of a bloated buraucracy at CDC and FDA just a we saw with the DOJ&FBI (see todays news on FISA warrants) during the Schiff hearings; and the bloated cost structure of an over-regulated industry which is providing America with the worlds most overpriced medical equipment. And we haven't even discussed legal liability for defects in manufacture or use.


Regarding ventilator prices & availability, best to go directly to the (Chinese) source:

Prices seem to vary between US$1400 to $28000 - depending on model (for the serious hospital type ventilators) - but you likely get a big discount on bulk buys.
Bit over a hundred pages of choices...



Thanks so much for the link to commie made crap with listed RETAIL pricing that bears zero relation to manufacturing cost. Feel free to get your government to buy in bulk. You might have trouble getting that into Sydney as your fellow Aussies are a bit peeved at China right now.

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