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11 March 2020


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blue peacock

"...get this cretin Biden elected so we can get our hands back on the public check book."


This is how credibility is lost in the partisan lens.

The Dems are not the only ones who spend profligately with the public check book. Arguably the Republicans are even bigger spenders in their use of the common treasury. Republican Reagan tripled the federal government debt during his term. George W added $9 trillion to the national debt with his regime change wars in Afghanistan and Iraq where we remain even today with no national benefit. MAGA Trump is adding a trillion dollars annually to the debt. And that will balloon as he bailout Wall St speculative losses and big business. Socialism for billionaires is what both parties support. But god forbid that the Deplorable gets a $1,000 benefit. That's heresy. That's Marxism!

different clue

We need a little humor in these unfunny times. So I offer a cartoon.

So these three disease walk into a bar . . . ( link to cartoon)


Keith Harbaugh

Sj: OldMicrobiolgist

That person used to be a prolific commentator at SST until he was banned for, I believe, giving inconsistent information about his background.
He has now popped up at the Unz Review, in particular, writing this piece:
Col. Lang observed inconsistencies; I observed inconsistencies in his descriptions of his wife or wives.
One day she was a petite but tough-as-nails Army Colonel commanding some kind of SF/intelligence unit; another day she was something else.
Anybody know more about him or have bee anything to add?

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