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04 March 2020


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Elon Musk keeps me hopeful... Let's all do our damnedest to survive the present plague so we're around to applaud his doings.

See the latest news on his Mars ambitions at the link below.

If I were 20 years younger I'd go clean toilets at Muskville just so I could be close to the action :-)



I have declined to post comments from CP and others who in their idiocy insist on equating American conservatives to Nazis, Brown Shirts, etc, I will continue to do so.



The COVID19 has similar to the Blood Agents we had to deal with that the former Soviet Union had, which caused dry land drowning on its victims.

The attack by the COVID19 rapidly hits the lower part of the respiratory systems, blood and oxygen break into the alveoli which is the gas exchange system of the respiratory system. COVID19 forces blood and blood plasma causing pulmonary edema. The victims can't breathe and croaks.

Dry land drowning is a horrible way to die.

Patrick D


For members of the committee interested, I'd like to make a plug for this National Geographic series.


Pete is a friend and shooting buddy I don't get to see enough. He was peacetime Army, sharpshooter and artillery spotter if I recall. Since then he's been in the 3-D imaging industry and developed a passion for various scanning technologies.

He is running around various WWII sites with his toys. Nat Geo is getting him access and footing the bill. He uncovers a remarkable level of detail and overlays it with records from that time to flesh out the stories of these places.

Always happy to see a friend "living the dream".

Availability is scattered. This site seems a useful guide.



The problem with the PCR tests occurred because the CDC developed their own test using 3 probes from the N gene and it worked well. When they sent the tests out to the regional labs and they ran it on their setups not all of them worked reliably against test samples so they had to start again. The Chinese were testing 50,000 samples a day while the CDC was the only US lab and doing a couple of hundred. It is not unusual to encounter problems of this type it is just unfortunate that it happened when time is so critical. Several national labs have developed there own probes now using different genes or combinations of genes. Chinese protocols also had problems and were reporting 30% false negatives but as the reagents and sampling procedures improve they will fall.


Col. Lang, I work in a pharmacy in NYC, such things as hand sanitizers, wet wipes and isopropyl alcohol have been impossible to procure here, in some cases for the past few weeks. It has gotten particularly bad now that people have become aware of the disease being in the vicinity. I would advise of being sure that you have enough of such things for months. One of my coworkers also works for the city's OEM and figures this coronavirus pandemic will last for "6-7 months".

Best of luck to both you and your wife, hopefully the efforts to contain this will be successful in the US.


Mass casualty attack in Kabul(at least 27 killed as of now) on ceremony marking death of a shia Hazara leader in 1995, Taliban deny responsibility. Attack bears every hallmark of the IS cells which were very active in Kabul 2016-early 2019, these cells have severely curtailed their activity since the territorial defeat of Khorasan Province in Nangarhar and Kunar a few months back. We will know soon enough from the official IS announcement


Update on my last post, IS releases claim with martyrdom photos of the two perps. Two foreign fighters who apparently shot at the crowd from a construction site, a tajik and one with a generic "al muhajir" kunya. Again a hallmark of these Kabul cells is their use of foreign fighters in suicide/ighimasi attacks, whoever is running this Kabul group appears to do it independently from the main Nangarhar/Kunar-based territorial IS group. And judging from the uniform quality of these martyrdom photos compared to ones from past years there appears to be unbroken operational continuity.



Your solicitude is remarkable. Thank you.


Coup at play, or crushed.?



Translator Accused of Revealing U.S. Secrets Amid Tensions With Iran


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