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27 March 2020


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Mark Logan
You sound like someone with a Neanderthal DNA deficiency.



A clarification, it wasn't the governor by EO but the state department of licensing and regulation. Buraucrats in action.

Mark Logan


I love seafood.


Mark Logan

But, you cook it.

Mark Logan


On occasion ;).

different clue


My understanding was that the Michigan Governor was intending the do-not-presribe order on hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin to doctors who were apparently prescribing it to themselves and all their family for pre-emptive stockpiling in case of corona. This has created enough of a shortage that it threatens current availability of hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin for the classical diseases and conditions which have been being treated with these drugs right along.

I forget what hydroxychloroquine has been being used for right-along, but azithromycin is used for certain respiratory bacterial infections. I know it has stomped down my own bacterial bronchitis cases real effectively in the past. I would be surprised if this order is taken to mean " no Z-Pack for bacterial bronchitis", for example.

different clue

Reading about the presence of traces of Neanderthal DNA in many of us and Denisovan DNA in some, I begin to wonder whether it is the same traces in everybody who has them. Or whether some people have some traces and other people have other different traces.

If different people have different traces, I wonder what would happen if some people decided to place themselves on a registry of "different traces" and treated eachother as partners in a huge dating service. Obviously their first priority would be to meet, mate and marry -- or not -- for love. But given that first prime directive was always followed, what if the people of this community also secondarily selected eachother to try and bring different traces of Neanderthal DNA together? And over the centuries the people of this group could begin amplifying their percentage of Neanderthal DNA? They could never breed back to a True Total Neanderthal, but perhaps they could breed forward to a kind of Neo-anderthal descendants.

The Twisted Genius

Different Clue,

This post sparked a desire to delve deeper into the Neanderthals in me as well. I recommend this University of California series of short lectures and a Natural History Museum presentation on Neanderthal DNA. It will answer a lot of your questions.





Veras que?

different clue


Thank you for these links. I will spend some screentime watching them instead of some other things I was going to watch.

I remember seeing once a photograph of a Neanderthal tip-most little finger bone next to a Modern big toe bone. The Neanderthal little-finger tip bone was much bigger than the modern big toe bone.
My first feeling was jealousy and my first thought was " Wow! I wish I had hands like that."

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