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29 March 2020


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Elora Danan

It is my policy that neither I nor any guest author should publish your comments because IMO you are a spoiled, ill informed, nasty teenager whose mind has been warped by leftist school teachers. I do not envy your father.

I have been an original intent constitutionalist libertarian from my youth. I have been against intervention in the affairs of foreign countries since I experienced the frustrations of the first wave of counterinsurgency fervor in the 60s and 70s. I have always devoted myself lovingly to the US Army, my ancestral village.

I care nothing for political parties and agree with George Washington that they are a form of disease.

I am a professional soldier (now retired) and will be that until I die.

Those are my principles and my ideology.


"Those are my principles and my ideology."

And i respect you for that colonel (plus the fact that you're part of my family - I'm French Canadian).



are you sure that "Sweet, sweet death" write-in wasn't counted as a vote for Hillary?


Elora...have you ever seen this episode?



Ron Paul, but the media did him in as they are attempting to do with President Trump. In some respects I find both of them are alike, Trump just has a different way of doings things. Sure, they are different too in some significant ways but alike in the one best way as far as I'm concerned: not being the policeman of the world, trade sure, treaties no. We'll get there.

Charlie Wilson

Don’t know colonel but I find Elora exceedingly attractive. Any chance of allowing her to post a selfie?


Charlie Wilson

Yes, "she" has a certain Nabokovian lure. Whose picture do you think she would send us?

Charlie Wilson

Marianne, but with long glossy black hair.

Charlie Wilson

Simmer down Elora! You remind me of my ex: Incredible girl friend, but then twenty years hellish marriage. I get PTSD just writing this.

Upstate NY'er

Doe anyone even know if Elora is a female?
Could be a 70 year old man with a weird sense of "humor."
Anyway, probably someone not playing with a full deck - jokers and an expired Visa card.

different clue

Recently our host wrote us that the " Danan Entity" is a kind of "troll container" through which various persons write here. I notice the " Danan Entity" has changed its name back to "Elora".

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