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31 March 2020


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We all hope that there is an effective treatment for COVID-19, we are all vulnerable and all want to resume our lives. But there is no news in that article.

First: The observation that" None of this Wuhan hospital’s dermatology department’s 80 lupus patients were infected with the novel coronavirus". there are 1.3 billion person living in China only 80,000 have contracted the disease, even if the true number is four times that, still that leaves over a billion person in china and many many millions in Wuhan itself who did not get the disease, so 80 person with Lupus on HC that did not get the disease is like saying non of the Chinese people in Wuhan who owned a blue car got the disease, i am sure there are many more chances with blue cars in Wuhan who did not get the disease than these 80 patients.

Second: The French study "But 100% of the six patients who received both HC and AZ tested negative on day six." Six patients got better on day 6. We don't need a reminder that most patients with COVID 19 get better on their own with no treatment at all, these six french patients included.

So there is no news here, the trials are on their way and hopefully something will work, i am sure there is a cure out there, may not be HC - AZ.

Terence Gore

That's not right! How can the price be going down?

Something's wrong! Where's Wilson?

[sees Louis and Billy Ray] What are they doing here?

They're selling, Mortimer!

Why, that's ridiculous! [Something occurs to him] Unless that crop report …

[They look at each other in shock and horror]

God help us!

From "Trading Places" I hope for everyone it is true. I also hope for my wife with Lupus she can get her usual supply


What's most striking is the ineffectiveness of whatever the standard treatment the French were using as controls. This is the graph from the study: https://ars.els-cdn.com/content/image/1-s2.0-S0924857920300996-gr2_lrg.jpg

$20 of HC + $20 of AZ for a week. No wonder Big Pharma's screaming like their hair is on fire. The small number of patients that might be at risk from this specific treatment are easily screened out as ineligible by doctors using well-known criteria.

The last-ditch effort by Big Pharma was to push the FDA to only approve this combination for use in the most severely-ill patients. In a surprising flash of morality, the FDA rejected that citing the French doctors recommendation that it be given as *early* as possible as a treatment.

Barbara Ann

Very encouraging news.

I read a French doctor's report that promptly administering the HC/AZ combo allowed the treatment of 500 COVID-19 patients without hospital admission at all. Improving the throughput rate in ICU's will help, but the real breakthrough ought to come when widespread testing & immediate self-medication becomes possible - people can then start to go about their business again. That is how to flatten the curve without destroying the economy.

And guess where Trump's approval ratings are at today:



I had an anaphlaxic reaction to azithromycin. Any treatment is hopeful, but it is still very early in the pandemic.

Looters and profiteers during a pandemic should be jailed.



Well, bless you! Perhaps you will feel differently about relying on the medico techno dweebs driven "by data" when someone close to you dies who could have been saved for a few dollars worth of pills.

The Twisted Genius

Even if for some reason this HC/AZ combo does not prove to be the golden bullet for Covid19, both drugs are still widely used and useful. It won't go to waste. Trump should use his authorities to gear up production now, expand use for critically ill and then expand to milder cases. He hung back on doing anything for the mask and ventilator shortage because he was loathe to insert the government into the free market's quest for profit. He could then spare Africa, south Asia and the ME from Covid19 disasters by offering HC/AZ to those in need. If he does this right, this is what will be remembered.



Nice movie involving insider trading, just like four senators are accused of.


Very promising and shows just how much regulations can hinder effective responses in a crisis and just how capable a capitalist system is compared to Xi's communist China.



"He hung back on doing anything for the mask and ventilator shortage because he was loathe to insert the government into the free market's quest for profit. "
How did you determine that? When did he first talk to GM/Ford etc on making either?


Doctor Vladimir Zelenko, who practices in a Hasidic neighborhood of New York, has modified the French protocol to include Zinc. He now reports 100% cure, within 5 days, for 699 patients at $20 per patient worth of Hydroxy-chloroquine + AZ + Zinc. (See link provided by Paul Craig Roberts.)

Seems that the Hydroxy-chloroquine provides an avenue into the cell for the Zinc and that the Zinc is the ingredient which disrupts virus duplication. Since the virus damages lung cells, the antibiotic functions to fight opportunistic bacterial infections feasting on the damaged cells.

Presumably, those with a negative reaction to AZ, like Upstater, might ask for an alternative antibiotic and avoid the hazard of Pneumonia.



So the magic is hydrochlorican+Zpac+zinc. But that is too simple for the dweebs.


"Trump should use his authorities to gear up production now," You are not listening to his briefings, or not hearing. He said today that they have bought a lot of this stuff (probably over the advice of the medico dweebs).

Upsate NY'er

The establishment (Dr. Fauci, FDA, etc.) keep playing down the HC/AZ treatment:
"Needs to go through controlled testing" which will take months.
All the FDA testing does is to airbrush a new drug and prove that it's not dangerous TO the sample.
Zero risk is test every drug on every human.
Since that's not possible, all they can do is test for acceptable risk.
Since HC/AZ have been around a long time, the potential danger (risk) is not a question, so that leaves effectiveness.
Well, if this the is crisis all these "experts" keep claiming, use this protocol.
If they insist on waiting for a months-long test, then it's not a crisis.


Colonel: What is you response to this dissenting point in the piece you cited?

Two Chinese studies have shown that "10 days after the start of symptoms, 90 percent of people who have a moderate form (of the disease) have a controlled viral load," epidemiologist Dominique Costagliola, of the French health research institute Inserm, told AFP.
"The fact that they got these results using hydroxychloroquine "does not make the case for its effect," she said."
The reason I bring this up is that I have lived 70+ years on this planet and have yet to see a silver bullet. But there's always a first time.
What I am worried about is that this could become a sideshow. I have the gut feeling that it already is.


Novartis has donated 30 million doses hydroxychloroquine to HHS and Bayer another 1 million. They also are speeding up production.


The virus can can live up to 5 weeks in the body after infection, in a symptomatic patient the median time is 20 days after he has recovered. Sure makes the combined HQ/AZ patients testing negative after 6 days look promising. Since this is a health emergency we need to go with
the preponderance of the evidence and--as the article says--give to the infected as soon as possible. Maybe all the patients in the studies had blue cars though.


Unfortunately Oregon is ruled by morons. The Oregon State Board of Pharmacy only allows the prescribing of hydroxychloroquine to the Covid-19 infected if they are in a study or hospital.



Look what happened to Laura Ingraham when she posted concerning this on Twitter. Instructive, no?


What a sh-tshow these TDS-infested social media companies are. Who do they have on legal retainer, Lawfare? What a bunch of pissants. Looking for ANY excuse to downplay a potentially crucial therapeutic procedure out of naked political spite.

As I understand it, having Twitter mess with your posts, and even delete your account if you are associated with a conservative point of view has come to be seen as their standard operating procedure. Include in this bunch YouTube; espexially there as deplatforming or shadow-banning have he effect of depriving posters of access to a share of advertising revenue as well as shutting down their expression of their points of view. One giant thumb in the pan, that. (YouTube is part of Google [Remember? Don't be evil...You'll have to do that remembering for them, as they seem to have forgotten their own professed principles]).



I don't think Trump is going to win the soft power contest for this pandemic. Russian and China have been sending planeloads of supplies and doctors to numerous countries - including the USA! They are learning how to do soft power, and Trump is an isolationist. (I'm not a Trump basher - I am just saying he isnt big on doing soft power.)



A professional deformation in favor of group think.

The Twisted Genius


Trump didn’t invoke the Defense Production Act (DPA) until 17 March. On 18 March he tweeted, "I only signed the Defense Production Act to combat the Chinese Virus should we need to invoke it in a worst case scenario in the future. Hopefully there will be no need, but we are all in this TOGETHER!"

On 22 March Jake Tapper asked FEMA Administrator Gaynor, "Has the president, as of now ... ordered any companies to make more of any of these critical supplies?" Gaynor replied, "No, we haven't yet.” The Defense Production Act "really is leverage to demonstrate that we can use it, the president can use it any time." Gaynor told Tapper that companies are now mobilizing to produce needed equipment, so forcing them to act isn’t necessary. "It's happening without using that lever. If it comes to a point and we have to pull that lever, we will." That’s not a bad strategy if it was coupled with strong, clear national direction.
On 17 March GM started working with Ventec in retooling to make ventilators, very likely in response to Trumps invoking of the DPA. It wasn’t until 27 March, 10 days later, that Trump orders GM to make them. About time!

Trump lost close to two months with his policy of denial and downplaying. He and his administration had January to get their bearing and form a plan. The IC was sounding the alarm. Trump chose to believe Xi. IMO he should have invoked the DPA no later than the end of January and then moved swiftly to coordinate private industry cooperation and apply the DPA where necessary for test kits, masks, gloves, gowns, face shields, respirators and anything else potentially needed. Manage these resources on a national level rather than leaving the states to fend for themselves and bid amongst themselves.

If Trump pushed social distancing measures sooner rather than convincing his believers that it was all a deep state hoax, we may have lessened the damage of covid19. In that case, whatever excess resources produced in preparation for the worse case would be stored as national reserves.


These researchers recommend the ways to disinfect face masks is
"70 C / 158 F heating in a kitchen-type of oven for 30 min, or hot water vapor from boiling water for 10 min, are additional effective decontamination methods."


Microwaves can melt masks.


"IMO he should have invoked the DPA no later than the end of January and then moved swiftly to coordinate private industry cooperation and apply the DPA where necessary for test kits, masks, gloves, gowns, face shields, respirators and anything else potentially needed. Manage these resources on a national level rather than leaving the states to fend for themselves and bid amongst themselves." I didn't realize that you are opposed to the federal system of government.


The French mainstream press - and especially the "reference" (sic) daily Le Monde - is leading a vicious press campaign against Pr Didier RAOULT, the head of Institut Hospitalo-Universitaire (IHU) Méditerranée Infection in Marseilles. Among the various sophisms used in the purpose of destroying the reputation of Pr Raoult, the accusation of being the "guru" of conspirationnists : for those who can read french :
Nevertheless, more and more medical practionners are using the IHU protocol in France and in the world.
And the general public is trusting Pr Raoult, and in Marseilles, thousands of people are queueing to benefit mass testing and treatments proposed by Raoult team :


I thought the Cov19 team handled the “why didn’t you act earlier?” question very well. What evidence was there in mid January that this was going to have the impact it has? We still don’t know what is going to happen. In January there was sfa evidence. Forensic serology will flesh out the answers.

However, can anyone imagine the #$@#storm that would have erupted if President Trump had attempted to lock down New York in January? We have to work with the best quality information from reliable sources that we have at the time of the decision. That does not include the numerous chicken littles, nutcases and conspiracy theorists.

President Trumps actions today look sensible and measured according to the evidence available TODAY.

Col. Lang may have more to say on decision making with incomplete information.


You know, if President Trump and his administration had not been subjected to one after the other, after the other, after the other...I've lost count how many...Deep State hoaxes, you might have a leg to stand on when complaining about Trump seeing this as another Deep State hoax.
Well, all is not lost; you can complain about his twitchiness in seeing another Deep State hoax, you've got him coming or going.


" then moved swiftly to coordinate private industry cooperation"
You mean you do not understand that Mary Berra at General Motors and Mr. Kipple at Ventec appear to be leading the only companies in America that were refusing to provide industry cooperation.

What was Jake Tapper's response to the Trump executive order banning travel from China in January?How about Pelosi and the Mayor of NYC? "Trump chose to believe Xi. " I don't think that is correct. What was the WHO saying about the virus and what were the career professionals at FDA and CDC saying? Fauci only recently got on board with using hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin without a years' long study. ABC is still using the old Fauci clip on the nightly news, it was on the Sarasota local affiliates broadcast yesterday, 3/31.

Do you recall what Jake Tapper said just days ago about using a quarantine to prevent New Yorkers from leaving the city and spreading the virus to other cities in the Republic? How about suggesting thefts of masks were occuring from hosiptals in the NYC area? On the latter it appears the FBI actually made an arrest.

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