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14 March 2020


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One of the greatest innovators of our era!
Nikola Tesla,Ford Edison.

Amazing how much the man is vilified by some people.


Five launches out of the same rocket? Lots of cost avoidance translating into lower prices and big problems for SpaceX competitors. Low cost high speed internet just in time for homeschooling for all. I'm sure colleges and universities and public school teacher's unions won't like that at all.


Self driving vehicles or something very close benefit greatly from massively redundant and interconnected network.
Amazing vertical integration.



Orbital communications satellites providing high speed internet don't need the software autonomous vehicles would. Should the later happen a lot of truck drivers will be out of work.


how long will the satellites in LOW orbit last?
IIRC they don't last long and fall down. That will mean constant re-plenishing them in the exact positions. A huge task.
And the comparison of Musk to Tesla is far too long a stretch for my liking. Musk did not invent anything, he just uses inventions of others and sells as his own.

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