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20 March 2020


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Elon Musk announced his company is currently manufacturing some
ventilators although he doesn't think they'll be needed. And yes
I've been eyeing TSLA


How fast is their high speed connection? And what will they charge? Right now I'm stuck on cable. But I will be a fan if Starlink can break the cable near monopoly and force their prices down.


Maybe a new US factory cranking out the antenna and associated electronics, or will the lure of lower build cost in the FE be too strong?



I have not seen that data yet but am looking for it. I understand the US military is looking at this with an eye to being a customer.


one of my earlier internet providers used satellite technique. as did hackers.

Musk has enough capital to make it a cash cow while keeping away competitors?

The Twisted Genius


The connection is supposed to be 1 gig. The backyard antennas are now estimated to cost $100 to $300. Estimates for monthly service are around the $50. If this proves out, this will be more than competitive with what's available now.


TTG, few people actually need that bit rate. Here in the UK fiber is being rolled out at around $40 a month with setup about $50, mine is 500Mb. Not much more than my old 50Mb and no need for the dish.

Also Starlink is not on its own, the second launch in 2020 of OneWeb satellites on an Ariane rocket has just safely deployed 34 more satelites into orbit.

Not only is it getting a bit crowded up there but they might have missed the boat, economic hard times seem to be on the way.

The Twisted Genius


I hear ya. I recently moved to a Verizon fiber optic connection from my old DSL. I went from barely 4Mb to around 300Mb. It far more than what I need, but we got a 100 to 300 free upgrade for customer loyalty. An upgrade to 1 Gig would use the same fiber line and equipment. I imagine Starlink will work the same way. You can pay for what speed you want up to 1 Gig using the same backyard antenna.

The increased competition in the field should only help the consumer. With Iridium, satellite internet is priced for corporations, NGOs and jet setters. HughesNet is price competitive with cable, but is maybe 15Mb downlink with noticeable latency problems. They'll all improve over time... or be driven out of the market. Starlink may have the advantage in reduced latency because of their lower orbits. I think the market is ripe for this even with economic hard times on the way. This is the perfect answer to increased social (really physical) distancing.

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