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11 March 2020


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Interesting, how the Sultan Tayyip is not 'consulting' with the Syrians about his wanting to steal their property (Syria's oil), and become an uninvited squatter on their land.

Ah yes, this is the Mideast at its --- , at it's 'whatever'. When someone steals in the Mideast, isn't it custom for them to loose a limb or more. Imagine Sultan Tayyip having to eat his food with his 'unclean' hand because he was caught stealing Syrian property.


"Terrorists exploit the oil resources." Did Erdogan mention that they do so by trucking it across the Turkish border for sale in his country? Maybe he should look into stopping that trade before somebody gets the idea to stop it by shooting up a convoy full of jihadi crude, like last time.


Seem to remember another country did exactly that in Syria.
Monkey see monkey do.


You are referring to the idiocy of the Ziocons; people like Jack Keane, Wolfowitz, Pompeo, Jeffrey, Lindsey Graham and the late lunatic John McCain? I don't think their "understanding" of the Middle East can be blamed on Sunni fanatics or vice versa.

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