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19 March 2020


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The Twisted Genius

Looks like that jackass Pompeo is loudly braying about Russia being responsible for the bombing of the Turkish Army convoy a few weeks ago. That may very well be true, but Pompeo is hoping that saying it openly will cause a greater rift between Erdogan and Putin.


I would have thought the SAA would concentrate on the pocket south of the M4 before tackling Jisr al-Shugur. Why not let the Russians and Turks take the heat on the M4?

Perhaps now that Erdogan's pets have bitten his hand at Muhambal he will turn on them. He is facing outrage at home about Syrian immigrants in Turkey. Seems to me his best option now is clean up Jisr al-Shugur and move his darling headchoppers to Afrin and the Azaz/Jarablus/al-Bab triangle. Or perhaps to Libya, but he and the GNA are getting their butts kicked there also.

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