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03 March 2020


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Does this mean that West Virginia will grow as a result?

Remember that the Governor of West Virginia welcomed his Virginia neighbors with open arms to join him and avoid the Marxist Northam and his Marxist AG Mark Herring's destruction of their Constitutional Rights.

Upstate NY'er

What a mess.
Makes California look sane, and that takes some doing.
BUT, people get the government they deserve.


The legislators are acting like conquerors imposing their will upon a defeated people.


Ah, "Legislative Blitzkrieg"? Ah well. Certainly not a thing the Democrats can seriously accuse Trump of who iirc has in his office time so far got two or three laws enacted.

But as he said ... "Never has there been a president — with few exceptions, in the case of FDR, he had a major Depression to handle — who's passed more legislation, who's done more things than what we've done ... I think we've been about as active as you can possibly be at a just about record-setting pace."

Record setting pace indeed. Two or three laws in more than two years?

IMO that's many things, but not exactly a legislative 'Blitzkrieg'. But to be fair, solo acts like presidential executive orders are a completely different matter - there he is well beyond 100 - and then there are of course the few quadrillion tweets, naturally produced at just about a record-setting pace.


“BUT, people get the government they deserve.”

This is the work of northerners, who dislike us, and want to destroy us.

My family has lived here for four centuries, and the world that we helped build, the culture that I grew up in, it will all be gone.

That’s one of the reasons I find the destruction of the monuments so sad. The physical memories of our existence will be dismantled too.

- Eliot



I am the descendent of the Yankee Puritans who founded New England. Four centuries have passed since then for my people as well. I stand with you.

Eric Newhill

My mother's family - nee Ball - are also 400 year Virginians. Spent half of my youth there and will be buried there some day along side many generations. I live in the bowels of Yankee land (NY) for the time being. You really don't want what's coming. Resist however you can. You're right. They hate you and want to finally conquer and exterminate - and they're proud of it.



They drive further South on I95 to Florida, but seldom leave their expatriate enclaves due to fear of contamination. Florida is already 3 or 4 different countries due to retiree migration and foreign immigration.



I was asking the question regarding West Virginia in all seriousness. What are Virginians to do? How can they defend themselves against Northam and his Bloomberg paid off backers in the legislature? Should Virginians seek to expand West Virginia's borders (temporarily) until they can rid themselves of the Bloomberg paid for infestation, and then move their borders back to the pre-Northam time frame? Or should they camp out on the steps of the legislature to scare the bee-jeez out of the infestation into backing off their Marxist Northam/Bloomberg's plans?

What are Virginian's to do?


J I don't know. Secession from the state would require Virginia assent.

Harlan Easley


My ancestor is Robert Easley, a French Huguenot immigrant who came to the Jamestown Colony, VA from London 1680. He married up upon arriving.

I live in Georgia. It is not Northerners who hate us but those who hate Christ.

As long as Christ is alive we are not defeated. I went from an atheist to a believer in 2008 when I picked him up hitchhiking.

"Let us not talk about the old age, but the new age"

Walk 12 End 12

Ken Mouring

The people sent a message on super Tuesday little mike could not not buy Virginia. Ralph Northam is on his way out he has committed political suicide. 500 million dollars waisted

Christian J Chuba

I scanned the list but I don't have a dog in this fight.

I will say that when someone relocates to another state, out of courtesy they should abstain from voting in local elections for possibly a generation and only vote in federal elections. I'll be putting that theory to the test at some point, there is no way I'll be able to stay in NJ. The cost is too high but I won't ruin the next state.

Why do people want to import their old problems into their new location. They left a place because they couldn't afford it or the quality of life was unacceptable but now
they want to tell the locals how to run the place as soon as they get there. That just seems rude.

I imagine that Virginia has been getting a large influx of new DC employees for a long time now.


As long as Christ is alive we are not defeated. I went from an atheist to a believer in 2008 when I picked him up hitchhiking.

"Let us not talk about the old age, but the new age"

Walk 12 End 12

Would you care to tell me more about your 2008 epiphany/ enlightening?

And what does Walk 12 End 12 signify?

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