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07 March 2020


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Over at MakeaMeme.org you can buy a mug with the message "Hi, I'm Joe Biden and I forgot this message" printed. I suggest Trump should get one, and also get his own cup with the message "Hi, I'm Donald Trump and you can forget Joe Biden." If you--justifiably--kill this in moderation, I hope it gives you a laugh.



When did Nancy Pelosi become a Republican, or did you not notice the conduct of the House these past 3 years? The Pentagon does not control of the US medical system like you propose, though Bernie might see that as a good idea. As to the FDA he did order them to change the regulation put in place by a prior administration which forbade state labs from doing their own testing.


It's Chinese germ warfare panic to crush internal dissent and interfere with the US election.

Don't say! and here I had thought it was again Putin? Or is he innit too? And of course the virus was designed in China to rather ineffectually kill their own population.
I just am not too clear on how the Virus would affect the US election.
And of course, those "protest leaders" from HK hobknobbing with US politicians are likely in some Uighur camp for reeducation...let me draw my tinfoil hat in honour for your insight..


Since it was requested, link goes to one of the NPR articles covering union fraud in Michigan.


There are more but putting more than one link seems to cause issues.




The panic isn't real? Causing panic isn't an objective in a war? It's not like there's a trade war going on with the US.
The virus sure is real but do you trust China's information? What is the death total in China now since the reported fatality rate of the virus is 3-4% of those infected, or roughly 30 times that of the "regular" flu and it is supposedly much easier to contract and even be re-infected? How about the press? Is there any information left out that might be important? What's their track record since Trump got elected?


All the posters mentioning Biden and senility, have you listened to Trump speak. He is inarticulate, exhibiting word salad and his conversations all center on me me me. I voted for Biden, his son is not running, Joe is.

maxx sin

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different clue

" My . . My . . . you know, the thing! . . . is Joe Biden! And I . . . forgot this message!"


Mr Lamng,
re I doubt that you are the same CP that we used to know.

Didn't we have that already a few times? I repeat it again, for the last time:

I am the same CP I was before my accident related absence. What has changed? Well, I now know that coma sucks and am less good at walking.

If you want to believe that I now have ... mutated, am a mean heir or a hacker who has hacked the "original CP's" account - to see it that way is your choice. It is also incorrect.




different clue

Seamus Padraig,

If "winning" means "getting what you wanted", then I think the Catfood Clintobamacrats have also won. Their Prime Directive was no nominee Sanders. Never. Ever. And unless Sanders monopoly-wins every primary and caucus to come, it looks like the Catfood Clintobamacrats have achieved that.

I have a sneaking feeling that the Catfood Democrats' secret plan is to get Biden safely nominated, choose a reliable Clintobamacrat VP for him, and then discover that he is too senile to run. At that point they will un-install Biden from the ticket and install a Catfood Democrat of their own choosing.

The smell may repel millions of Sanders voters from voting for Candidate Catfood. That would help Trump win even biglier than otherwise.

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