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05 March 2020


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Never had an interest in boats, but I read Joshua Slocum's "Sailing Alone Around The World" a couple months ago and the topic has fascinated me since. I only found out about the manner in which Mr. Slocum exited this world after finishing the book, it profoundly touched me. Never payed attention to this challenge in previous years but I will do so this time around.


Good luck to Rob and his tribe. Thanks for the post. I read MacGregor's book after your recommendation. It's an enjoyable and interesting read.


A great song about the Southern Cross:


Mark Logan

Recommend a book I recently came across: "Pacific Sail" by Roger Morris. Roger outlines the early explorations of the Pacific and attempts to re-construct the vessels they used. A difficult undertaking on all sides. Roger has been man, mate, and master of the HMS Bounty replica and is a pretty fair sketch artist. More than the ships is the outline of the story of those expeditions. An awesome bit of history, neglected because it's painful to even think about.

The Twisted Genius


Rob Waddell and the Southern Cross reached check point 1 at Cape Haze Marina about 2130 hrs tonight. They appear to be heading south right now. This mornings launch from Fort DeSoto Beach was delayed several hours due to a small craft advisory for Tampa Bay. I added a photo of the Souther Cross on the beach to the mani article.

The Twisted Genius


The Southern Cross sailed into checkpoint 2 at Chokoloskee today shortly before 1400 hrs. They seem to be doing very well. The WaterTribe Facebook page noted a good number of DNFs due to weather decisions by the skippers and equipment failures. The winds seem to be honking and generally from the east. The Florida Bay will be blown dry so just getting into checkpoint 3 at Flamingo will be tougher than usual. Getting from there to the finish will be nigh impossible without heading south to catch the deeper water of the ICW. Good luck to Rob and Johnny Mac.

I've added a photo of the Southern Cross heading into Chokoloskee.

The Twisted Genius


SPOT satellite tracking data showed the Southern Cross just outside checkpoint 2 at Flamingo at 0520 hrs on 11 March. The next update was tonight at 2204 hrs just south of the finish line at Key Largo. He's probably on the beach by now, or snoozing in that "luxurious" boat of his in preparation for a grand morning arrival. I hope Rob gives us an account of his voyage once he's back home.

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