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06 March 2020


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Diana Croissant

The problem is that "a just end to an unjust, crooked attempt to indict an innocent man" can actually never completely happen in cases like these.

How do any of those men gain back the time, and how can they forget the pain they've been through?

There will always be people who don't keep up with the issues who will always associate their names with something with which their names should not be associated.

Clint Eastwood's movie will help for those who are young and really don't remember the case. That is a great start.

I'll be sure to watch it.

blue peacock


My perception is that the framing of innocent people, using the power of the government to harass and ruin people financially and collusion among prosecutors & judges is more widespread. As you say it is not just a few rotten people. It seems much more endemic.

And it is not just red-necks that are victimized but the powerless in general including minorities who are disproportionately victims.

The Jeffrey Epstein case epitomizes the two-tier justice system we have. Yet we lecture the world.

exiled off mainstreet

While I think you are spot on about Jewell, and I largely agree with you about Trump, I think that the system unfortunately convinced Trump to go over the line on Soleimani, the key Iranian figure they convinced to order the liquidation of. As an aside, I find your commentaries accurate. Your view of the FBI and power structure totally convincing based on your experience as an intelligence operative. Back to the Solemani case, I think Trump fell into the trap because he thought it might reduce the pressure on him from the power structure, but it tars him with the same brush as the permanent state. Because of his action on this, I can't support Trump, but I am convinced that the opposition is even worse and will defend him to that degree.
I think recent events show that the system is beyond remediation. The success of the democrat party power structure in neutering the Sanders movement has made it almost certain that Trump will triumph in November, since Biden has a documented record of corruption and is non-compos mentis, and all of the fact patterns you describe reveal that Democrats are the greater evil, since Trump has been under attack from the system because he is not fully under their control.

Upstate NY'er

FBI - Famous But Incompetent.
Is there any doubt that Russian and Chinese spies run free, with dolts like Strzok leading the "counterespionage" effort?
Burn it down.

Seamus Padraig

I agree. And in case anyone here hasn't seen the movie yet, here's an excellent review of it: https://www.unz.com/tlynch/film-review-richard-jewell/


blue peacock

In my occasional consultant work for the federal courts it became apparent to me that the judges (with exceptions), the lawyers (both sides) and the police (especially the FBI) are a giant conspiracy that thinks of the justice system as a game in which they must always be the winners.



The ends justify the means. But what are the ends this conspiracy seeks? Winning for career advancement? For social standing and inclusion in the club? For the sheer exercise of power?

Mike C


A lot of the locals leave the "c" out of Bismarck too. I wonder if it's still considered a backwater for federal LEOs since the Bakken cranked up. Maybe the climbers have a different idea about what builds a career, as you said.

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