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12 March 2020


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Of course sleepy Joe was in on the overall RussiaGate operation. And now another reasonable question by sleuth extraordinaire will fall into the memory hole b/c no one who has the authority and the power in DC is ever going to address, let alone, clean up and hold accountable any who created this awful mess.

Resolving who was behind Guccifer 2.0 and DCLeaks seems to me to be a rather simple investigative exercise.

That is, somebody registered and bought the names of G2 and DCL. One can't have a Wordpress blog without purchasing a url. So, there is a record of this registration, right?

Simply subpoena the company who sold/rented the url.

What's troubling to me is that even the most simplest investigative acts to find answers never seems to happen. Instead, more than three years later we're playing 'Whodunit.'

It's been over 3 years now and if we had a truly functioning intel/justice apparatus this simple act would have been done long ago and then made public. Yet, here we are more than three years later trying to unravel, figure out or resolve the trail of clues via metadata the pranksters left behind.

It's now obvious that we don't have a functioning intel/justice apparatus in the U.S. This is the message sent and received by the intel/justice shops over and again. They no longer work for Americans rather they work against us.

Antoinetta III

H, likely whoever bought the URL would just have used a fake name and ID from a computer in an Internet Café. Would this be traceable beyond the Internet Café where this was set up?

Antoinetta III


Also could explain the utter urgency getting Biden declared the official DNC candidate, that would stop any and all further investigations of him and his campaign over this matter.

Plus why curiously the Dems would not even utter the word Crowdstrike throughout the entire impeachment process over the Ukraine phone call.

The dogs that did not bark.


Did he work with the Imran Awan?

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