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01 March 2020


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Kamala Harris adds no value to any ticket. She was not even going to win her own state as favorite daughter, which is why she dropped out early when she did - so she could meet the deadline to take her name off the Calif Super Tuesday ballot.

She did not want the embarrassment and risk her own Senate re-election. The more people saw Harris up close, the more her ratings sank. Even in her own state. Even SNL nailed her as drunk and evil.

Biden-Buttigeig makes more sense. But which up and coming Democrat wants to go down with Biden in 2020, and be branded as a loser. I don't think anyone is clamoring to be his VP. It will be a pity choice - perhaps Warren?
Screechy Flo and Sleepy Joe.


Am Expat in Mandano, Thanks for correctly my misuse of the number 93, which I believe that is what Biden has gotten since his S.C. win. With Buttagieg out, who gets the delegates he had already picked up? And whatever pickings from Steyer? Or do they just go away?



It must have escaped your notice that all levels of state government in California have been controlled by democrats for years. Yves Smith at nakedcapitalism blog has been writing about Calpers mismanagement even longer.



Calpers hired a member of the totalitarian Chinese Communist Party as their CIO. How crazy can it get? Chinese communists running a massive US public pension fund.

Then there’s neoliberal Obama bringing his machine to bear backing Biden. Now we have the CDC at least 60 days after it has known about coronavirus not having test kits distributed around the country. The level of incompetence across the board is staggering.

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