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17 March 2020


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I read about this in the Washington Post. The author(s) spin was that the prosecution was halted due to the impossibility of any of the defendants being present for the trial. Russia’s policy on extradition was cited. As you well know, the Russia BS will continue unabated.


So do the slandered 12 have standing to sue and will Trump waive sovereign immunity for the rouge prosecutors so they pay damages rather than we the taxpayers?


I guess this means America was just not ready for a woman President in 2016, if the Russians didn't deliver Trump lock stock and barrel. Back to sexism and threatened white males keeping Clinton from getting crowned.

Bill H

Latest spin is that the DOJ dropped that case because pursuing prosecution of it could “expose additional details about law enforcement’s tools and techniques for investigating malign foreign influence, among other crimes, potentially undermining their effectiveness.”

Sounds like a perfectly valid reason to me. Not.



Do you think it is possible that people just rejected Clinton because she is truly "deplorable" and not because she is a woman.


I think a lot of folks would be quite happy and proud to have Tulsi in the White House.


Sorry, turco. I left my sarcasm button off when musing Clinton can no longer blame the Russians for stealing HER election. Now she ha to go down the rest of her list of excuses, misogyny I believe being #2.

However, I don't think her own list ever included herself being deplorable or unelectable. Did we all miss something dring her interminable post-election blame game road tours? Was there ever a mea culpa slithering from her own reptilian lips?

Diana Croissant

Hillary is known by many in my generation for her "Women's rights are human rights" speech.

Her statement has been proved as true. Women can fail just as men can fail. Women can be unlikable just as men can be unlikable. Women can be liars just as men can be liars. Women can be malignant narcissists just as men can be malignant narcissists.

I could go on, but you get the picture. Most teenage girls can tell you the many faults of other teenage girls. We talked about "mean girls," even have movies about them.

As a woman, I am very sick of the feminist movement as it has gone off the rails. I think Hillary is one perhaps the main reason that many women will no longer gladly accept the title of being a "feminist." (Followed by AOC and her gang.)



Or feminism's lack of popularity among women could be from the fact that most women do not feel oppressed as women, and that the entitled, maladjusted, angry, and bitter women who populate the feminist movement are poor examples for their cause. It's been that way for decades.


Early feminism quickly morphed into dykes on bikes. MS soon stood for the miserable. The genuine movement lost it mainstream appeal. Yes, there was frank discrimination against women, both real and de facto up to the 1960's.

Those prior artificial barriers were quickly eliminated under law. There affer the dark side of angry. resentful feminism belonged more to identifiable sub-sets. But the early feminism movement also belonged to a sub-set too - the affluent and the highly educated.

Keep in mind one of the consequences of "feminism" from the 1970's forward was the need overnight to increase the numbers of "career tracks" since both men and women were now competing for a slot in the post-grad market place. That demand exceeded the supply. And was not realistically balanced by men choosing the mommy-track post college.

Worst consequence, unintended and probably not justified to be mourned, was losing the over-qualified women whose only "career" was teaching K-12 until the 1970's - those women took those considerable talents that could have been used to run IBM, and applied them to elementary education - the Golden Days of US K-12.

Look at any pre-1970 college year book and track those "outstanding seniors" pre-1970 and their stated aspirations at the time. More often than not, it was teach until I get married and have children. Even UC Berkeley confirms this in print - Class of 1965.

The talent and prestige of being a "school teachers" was one of the biggest losses due to the "feminism" movement. Along came Feminine Mystique in 1965, puncturing the growing malaise in the suburbs. The "disease with no name". But doesn't have a name today either.

TW: when do women in the US get their "reparations" having been denied their full legal rights for so long .....too. (/s)

Diana Croissant

There are many very important points made in this thread.

For me, the desire to become a teacher began when I was in third grade and had the most amazing third grade teacher--a woman, of course. In fourth grade, I had another one. She told my parents during a conference at the end of the year that they must never discourage me from going to college. She knew they couldn't afford to send me; so she told them that they must always encourage my reading and studying in the hopes I would get a scholarship.

I did just that. And I always loved teaching throughout my entire teaching career. I had loved to study history, but my high school counselor wisely told me to major in English. He didn't want me to fall into the trap of having to coach sports. History departments are the ones from which most coaches are hired. That fact is what has destroyed the teaching of history in our country.

I found that I learned much about history studying the various centuries of English and American literature.

I often took breaks from teaching because I needed some rest. It's terribly hard to work all day and then work at night grading papers while raising one's own children.

I do not see that "mission" to teach in the younger women who become teachers. They like the summers off. They like the relatively short work day. They don't assign much that requires actual grading. They use grading machine for their T/F or A.B.or C. worksheets. They can take silly Education Dept. classes to earn their mandatory extra course work to help them move up on the pay scale. For many it's an easy JOB, not a calling--and they love the summers off.


"I read about this in the Washington Post. The author(s) spin was that the prosecution was halted due to the impossibility of any of the defendants being present for the trial. Russia’s policy on extradition was cited. As you well know, the Russia BS will continue unabated."

Everything in this statement was true before the charges were filed. All of this would have been known by the DoJ. And yet the charges were filed. The only thing which was not known, was that the charges would be contested.

Therefore, that is why the charges are being dropped.

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