15 March 2020


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The Twisted Genius

Colonel Lang,

I like her personally, as well. Her legislative record includes environmental protection, veterans’ care, criminal justice reform, privacy protection, universal background checks, no firearms for wife beaters, bumpstock ban. She co-sponsored the Medicare for All Act, and supports DREAM Act and related immigration legislation. That’s leftist agenda and common sense. She's a much better and far better looking version of Bernie.



Nah. Bernie is a communist stooge at the very least. He would seek to create the Soviet Union of his dreams. She actually is a liberal. That's too bad, but she may wise up. Most people become more conservative as life bloodies them. She will end up in the GOP.

Stuart R Wood

Col. Lang,
Doubt if Biden will make Warren his VP as Mass. has a Republican governor who would appoint a Republican Senator if Biden/Warren win. My bet is Harris. The Dems are hoping to turn the Senate and Warren as VP would make that near impossible.


SR Wood

IMO Biden will seek to consolidate the LoC vote with Warren.



The people of the People's republic of China since they'll do most of the dying.

English Outsider

Fred - Globalism is on its uppers. To Bannon's "economic nationalism" will now be added a justified distrust of long and fragile supply chains.

Plus people like me, who see reasonable self-sufficiency, particularly food self-sufficiency, as a prime consideration when it comes to Defence.

And really, the only reason why we need all this heavy duty financial engineering is because we've already done too much of it.

Not issues, any of them, I see coming dramatically to the fore as yet in your upcoming Presidential election. Or is this something rumbling under the surface that I'm missing?

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