15 March 2020


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It's fixed...

blue peacock

Col. Lang,

When was the last time we had a media whose primarily role was not to propagandize the American people?


Never. The Washington papers attacked Jefferson continuously for hi black lady love.

Yeah, Right

1) would be pointless. Both Sander of Biden would shrug their shoulders and ask you to direct that question to the DNC.

2) Sanders would say "go ask Joe", and Biden probably can't even name the members of his family.

Not saying those aren't good questions, but I would suggest that you wouldn't get anything even remotely resembling an "answer" from either of them. They are politicians, after all...


My own brand of political tea leaves: Big public sector unions starting to line up behind Biden - the sure sign the final fix is in.

NEA endorses Biden - they do not do this lightly after getting burned so badly by their 2016 Clinton investment. Hard to know if they are supporting Biden or playing defensive against Sanders, but soon the other big public sector unions will follow.

DNC + big public unions = hand in glove. NEA and AFT are the hands that rock the cradle in this country.



It is clear now that a major theme for the Dems in the campaign will be that Trump is mentally ill. that is funny when you contemplate Biden. It is also reminiscent of the Soviet method of dealing with dissidents by committing them to mental hospitals because they OBVIOUSLY were shown to be mad by not appreciating the Soviet state.



"As Bernie Sanders Pushed for Closer Ties, Soviet Union …"


Upstate NY'er

In their hearts the media wants Sanders.
Same anti-American, free stuff childish agenda.
BUT, convinced that only brain dead Biden can challenge the evil orange man, they're doing the reverse of what they did in 2016.
In 2016 the media pushed for Trump up to the convention - thinking that he was the most beatable.
Now, they're trashing Sanders to prop up Biden.
Any day that a newspaper downsizes or goes out and "journalists" become unemployed (and usually unemployable since they are skill-free) is a good day.


Without any help from “the media” or the DNC, I am fairly convinced that the Orange Mess IS mentally ill.
Just pick your horse & ride it ... crazy, lame, aged or juiced-up.

Jim Henely

Perceiving the glass to be more than half-full, perhaps large swathes of the American Public can finally be disabused of the notion that we live in a "representative" democracy where either party represents our interests, hopes and dreams. The magnitude of this current debacle may allow us to move beyond the Uniparty when the dust settles.


Trump is going to lose the election over his Coronavirus response. He is a uniquely talented individual but he has one glaring failure: a complete lack empathy in any field other than money.

The Coronavirus is going to hit like a tidal wave. Without extremely smart, honest and fast response, the general population is going to panic - and correctly blame Trump. We all need LEADERSHIP right now and we aren’t going to get it.

Step 1: bury the hatchet with China and Russia. Get the troops home right now. Stop all sanctions on iran, china, venezuela ,iran russia, etc. We eyed a planetary response.

Step 2; help the poor and soon to be unemployed folks. put the health industry under direct government control.

Stuart R Wood

Tulsi who? I don't think she has ever gotten over 10% recognition as a candidate.


SR Wood.

English Outsider

Walrus - "tidal wave" is right.

Looked at it callously it doesn't at first sight look that big a deal economically. The dead will mostly be retirees or the economically inactive.

That first sight is deceptive. The retirees have the disposable income, many of them, and they won't be spending it while they are self-isolating. It can be a dangerous illness even for the young and none of the not so young are going to want to catch it. In an economy where a lot of money is spent on stuff we don't really need, people not spending on stuff we don't really need is going to bring many sections of the economy to a dead stop.

It is not politically possible in any case for any government to sit back and just try for damage limitation. It's lockdown already in many places in Europe and the economic and financial damage will be colossal.

Time to batten down the hatches. As you say, military adventures, proxy wars and sanctions should be halted. If there are not to be starving in the streets there's going to have to be a programme of social help - helicopter money to the nth degree. We'll be lucky to get away without civil disturbance if the inner cities aren't handled right.

I don't know what it's like in Australia and New Zealand but here the politicians aren't yet up to speed. Maybe they'll get there. Am hoping that Trump, who has good political antennae, will move up a gear and front the wave instead of, as is still happening to our politicians here, being pushed by it.

If he doesn't - well it seems incredible that such as Biden has a chance at the American Presidency, but there'll be someone waiting to catch the ball if Trump drops it.



Hilary would have saved us! I'm sure the Corona virus never would have gotten into the news every hour, every channel had she not been so damned corrupt and thus actually won the election. Just imagine all the new undocumented "citizens" we would be creating a future for with the help of Premier Xi, just like he's helping the people of Hong Kong. On a bright note all this police state practice is going to come in real handy for Hilary come 2021.



Why have advertisers focused on the 18-34 year age bracket for decades? My think of all the money that could have been saved by corporations all those years. How much of the "unnecessary" stuff being bought comes from china? Seems to me they are going to be in deep trouble for years to come unless they help another group of globalists get elected.

Upstate NY'er

Have you looked at Tulsi's actual positions - Medicare for all, immigration "reform", 2nd Amendment, bank regulation?
She's a really good looking female version of Sanders.


Two words walrus: Gorsuch and Kavanaugh. Actually, there about 150 more just like that.. Deeds; not dopey personality. That is what you have to watch for in US politics..


upstate NYker

That was for her Hawaii constituents.

The Twisted Genius


Yes, Tulsi is a dyed in the wool progressive and has always been one. Over time her stand on issues have only become more progressive. I do attribute a lot of her beliefs to her Hawaiian up bringing. It's an Ohana thing. Her stand on nonintervention and full throated rejection of regime change wars is an integral part of her progressivism.



I have "progressive" (leftist) friends. They were anticommunist and despise Sanders and Warren. Tulsi is a prog? OK . How do you feel about a party that kicked her to the curb?


@ The Colonel: She's young. She has a grand future in the USA probably not in the Democrat Party.
@ The Odobenus Rosmarus: Of course, who is to inherit all the accumulated wealth of the old farts that WuFlu will providentially eradicate? Look at the bright side, the millennials will now have enough money to take over the whole house not just the basement, social security will be saved, Medicare will have almost all of its high expense old folks removed.

The Twisted Genius

Colonel Lang,

Have you read her issue statements on her Tulsi for President site? They're across the board progressive. The Clinton Democratic Party is scared to death of her, Bernie, AOC and the majority of the progressive agenda. They're just too two-faced to admit it. Of course it's all anathema to the Republican Party. They openly despise all of that, but at least they admit it.



I never read any of that crap from politicians. IMO her common sense would have been an antidote to some of the leftist program items. And, I like her personally. IMO Biden will make Warren his VP choice. I look forward to that.



"who is to inherit all the accumulated wealth of the old farts that WuFlu will providentially eradicate?" I had not thought of that. What a great suggestion.

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