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05 February 2020


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English Outsider

TTG - you say realistically -

"A staged attach won't change any minds. Those who want to believe will believe. Those who know it's bullshit will know it's bullshit."

I came across these accounts of the Syrian conflict still up on the internet. They mirror roughly the accounts set out in the UK media.

1. What's happening in Syria.


"Syrian rebels

The Syrian rebels were trying initially to overthrow the Syrian government – now they are fighting for their survival in enclaves surrounded by Syrian government forces."

I don't see the Jihadis mentioned.

2. On the defeat of IS -


"Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson said: "This has been a long campaign ending the misery of millions, as Daesh swept through Syria and Iraq, and came so close to taking the city of Baghdad.

"But due to the tireless efforts of our service personnel, we have been able to beat them back, depriving them of territory and making sure that Britain is safer."

Russians not mentioned.

3. Video of interview with Hamish de Bretton-Gordon commemorating James le Mesurier


"Then I met him again in 2014 when he conceived the idea of the White Helmets and set it up - a tremendous achievement, in effect setting up the NHS, the fire brigade and also the ambulance service in war-torn Syria.

"It took a special kind of person to be able to do that."


As you say, those who want to believe will believe. Those who know it's bullshit will know it's bullshit.



Why is the "old boys network" so anti-Syrian?



Allah yubarik fiihim.

English Outsider

Colonel - that was a question I was gearing up to ask David Habakkuk, should ever opportunity offer. He comes across these people in London and studies their workings. If one makes the reasonable assumption that none of the MoD or FCO officials involved are simply evil or psychotic, how such horrors as those we have caused in Syria can come out of the official machine is a real puzzle to me.


Five more Turkish soldiers killed. This time at Taftanaz.

Will Erdogan follow through on his threats to retaliate strongly against Syria? He has reportedly convened the Turkish Security Council. His internal base is steaming. Or will Putin talk him down again?

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