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26 February 2020


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If you want Bernie to win the nomination - and wedge the left apart in the process - then tell everyone you know in South Carolina to vote for Biden.

This should be obvious but low IQ boomer conservatives have it exactly backwards. As usual.


Had to look some of these up, all correct except for the second one. Chairman Bernie was actually advocating for more female orgasms in order to stave off cancer, phew what a relief:


Points 11. and 12. will appeal to those with a predilection for setting the house on fire as a means of resolving inconclusive arguments about repainting it. Some of those voters will be the 2016 anti-establishment Trumpers who voted for someone who was anything but a professional politician.

The Democrats have been ignorant of the difference between Trump the man and Trumpism the revolutionary force. The former will pass into history at some point but the latter will continue to iterate and be available to the astute political hopeful to the extent that 2020 like 2016 will not see a conventional politician win the prize. Both Bernie and Bloomer seem to be aware of this.
Old Joe's just bein' Old Joe.


I respectfully submit that the same people who ran (and continue to run) Information Operations against Trump are doing the same to Bernie. Anyone who threatens to bring the troops home gets smeared - this includes Trump, Tulsi, and Bernie. Tulsi would not have resigned from the DNC in support of Bernie had she not thought he was a powerful and stalwart ally of hers against the Ziocon agenda.

I have been arguing with my lefty and centrist friends about Trump for four years. Now I find myself having to try and convince my friends on the right to not fall for this Ziocon propaganda.



I corrected point 2.


On 3 my experience is, forget orgasms, the younger a girl is when she starts having sex the more likely she is to get cervical cancer.

Here in the UK young girls are vaccinated against it. Have very mixed feelings on that.

Luther BLiss

"liberals hate socialists more than fascists" - pass it on...

Andrei Martyanov

China is not "communist"--she probably fits "authoritarian-somewhat totalitarian" definition but she is a nationalist capitalist country with substantial government control, or, if one wishes, controlled mix bag between free enterprise and state capitalism. The fact that China is ran by one party doesn't mean that she is one way or another. We have to wait and see where the United States will end up in a few years and it can happen that so called liberal utopia, should it materialize (God forbids), will give a run for the money to any totalitarian state, while remaining, of course, a "capitalist" country. Communism is utopia and those in power in China know this and they are not building communism--they are just getting rich, same way as their US brethren.


Wait – you (Larry) believe that the TBTF banks should not be broken up? You don't believe that the Glass-Steagall Act was overwhelmingly positive for the U.S. on balance?

Rick Merlotti

I agree with no. 11, sort of. Break up the too big to fail banks by making them separate out the commercial banking and the investment banking arms. Glass Steagall, in other words. Perfectly sensible, if done right. As for the rest, Pfffft.

Keith Harbaugh

Colonel, do you have sources for that list?
Or, perhaps, this is a compilation of
what you have read about Sanders or heard him say over the years.
From memory? Or did you develop a file on him?
Just wondering --- also many on the left will say these quotes lack context, etc.
I'm not trying to argue, just seeking to get the ability to examine the contexts.

On another topic, many, if not most, commentators here at SST
are convinced of the reality of the "Deep State". (Me too, I'm not arguing.)
It turns out that David Frum, none other, has provided evidence for the existence of such, as documented by a writer who is persona non grata to today's bien-pensants: see:
"... There IS A Deep State Conspiracy Against Trump. David Frum—Perhaps Unguardedly—Says So!"
by the radioactive, to some, Peter Brimelow, 2018-02-04!!
A sample:

[Frum's] current [in 2018] book Trumpocracy,
clearly designed to cater to
the apparently insatiable Ruling Class Hate-Trump hunger,
confirms—perhaps unguardedly—that
Yes, Virginia (Dare), there is indeed a Deep State AND IT IS MOUNTING A COUP AGAINST TRUMP.


Keith Harbaugh

I am not a scholar. You know that. I have collected these sayings and writings. If you don't like them, ignore them. Serge liked them.

John Merryman

The thing is, politics is bigger than the individuals. They just ride the waves. The US hasn't been this far to the right since Hoover and Coolidge, so the pendulum is either going to start swinging back, or continue on to full on oligarchy. Which is not entirely out of the question, but given the amount of debt, it seems more likely the issue for our kids, when they are our age, will be if the US remains one country, or several. So yes, Bernie is the crazy old uncle, but then who was taking Trump seriously in February of 16? Looking at the market bubble and corona virus, Trump might be having the floor fall out from under him.


John Merryman

Wishful thinking.


In the article Serge links to, Bernie quotes liberally from the writings of Wilhelm Reich, one of the primary gods of multiculturalism, even more highly regarded than Freud. Reich considered muscular tension (he called it armoring) to be a resevoir of unexpressed emotions and the main cause for cancer, children should be able to explore themselves and others sexually and love (really just sexual attraction) lasted only seven years. He was put in jail for selling his orgone accumulator, a celatex and metal box, as a cancer cure despite FDA determining it was snake oil and a court injunction to stop s3elling it. He died of a heart attack the day before his release.

I read a couple of his books in my hedonistic twenties.


"The US hasn't been this far to the right since Hoover and Coolidge"

So when both of them were in office America had affirmative action, gay marriage, 25% of the college students foreign born and drag queen story hour in the local elementary schools? My, how little actual progress we have made in 100 years.

"Looking at the market bubble and corona virus."
Yes, the market has a correction after a three year ~ 40% increase, one which is exacerbated by the injudicious statements of "Dr. Nancy Messonnier, the agency’s director of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, which was nothing like her bosses' or the President's understanding. Her view of course was the promoted by the press for two days, necessitating the President holding a press conference to clarify matters. The map ABC news used today had the entire US covered in red indicating corona cases, not, however indicating how many or how a large % of them are here because they were flown here from Japan . (See the John's Hopkins map here for a slightly improved visual: https://www.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/bda7594740fd40299423467b48e9ecf6)
That increase in cases should be understood to be because the State Department Official who decided that he had executive authority to not quarantine the affected passengers but place them into an aircraft with a couple hundred unaffected people would have zero negative consequences. Trust the carreer professionals at State, they are just like our Ukraine based experts.

On an additional note if you go back a couple of posts to the poll data you'll see that ABCnews websites was one of the larger sources of news for democratic voters and 18-25 age range of all parties. Not that the media would manipulate data to craft a narrative, or leave information out to reinforce it.
Okay, maybe not that guy, he got caught.

John Merryman

I'm not wishful thinking, just saying that at the rate things seem to be happening, November is a long way off. I don't have a lot of emotional commitment to one side or the other of the political dichotomy, as I see liberal versus conservative as a cycle of expansion and consolidation.
I was referring to the relative balance of power between labor and capital. Personally I'm from a farming/landholding background, so the relationship between the two is up close and personal. Various bankers in the family tree as well, including Louis Mclane Jr, first president of Wells Fargo.


Speaking (if I may) as a non-American observer, Sanders' plans - as spelt out in his own words and in the Politico article you have previously referred us to, Colonel Lang, not by you in the list above - strike me as being on the whole humane and reasonable. Unexceptionable in fact and no more than common sense.

100 years from now people reading historical studies about the United States of today are going to be be nonplussed by its citizens' abject fear of taking steps adopted with beneficial results by most countries of the advanced industrialized world. Americans of 2020, I feel certain, will be looked upon with the pity and wonder and sheer incomprehension we reserve nowadays for the like of North Korea.


The interesting thing about Sanders is he is the exact opposite of trump.I mean "grab them by the qussy" just does not fit.There is no macho on parade.Woman voters and the young are going to support him and if chooses a woman for vp then things could get interesting.One thing I know for sure.We don't need more wars.Russia is about to face crunch time in Syria.What will it take to bring peace.



Purging ALL the neocons from the Borg and abandonment of the regime change policy by the US.

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