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02 February 2020


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I wouldn’t be surprised if the voters elect the avowed socialist who would be labeled as the communist candidate for president.

The real question is what shenanigans the Democrat establishment come up with to prevent Bernie’s nomination. We’ll see how well he does over the next month through Super Tuesday. The polls show him surging.


Bill H,

How dare the US put more than 10% of her population into uniform to fight a world war where a million of them became casualties, 400,000 dying! Why think of all the money that could have been made supplying both sides. Then the problem of transitioning to a peacetime economy after spending 43% of GDP per year on the war could have been been avoided. It's not like there was a more important principal at stake than making money, keeping the debt low, and having consumer products abundantly available.


Sid Finster,
as for the popularity of Trump ... the hubby of a cousin (both have a PhD in Chemistry) became a partner in a large US consulting corporation and moved to Texas, where he now lives in a lovely (occasional flood, frogs, snakes and alligators aside) gated community. The man likes Trump and thinks he does a good job.

Given the point that he likely is a millionaire now he may have an easier way to see it that way than a rust belt worker (whose rusty jobs were deliberately off-shored and, despite Trump's habitual penal taxery and tweeting, very very very probably won't come back).

The by Trump so called "Mr. Apple" said the same thing about Trump's dream of MAGA 'All American I-Phones (AAIP?) and All American Apple Comps (AAAP?)' a while ago. So to speak - that party is over and I can stop breathing till im blue in the face and it won't change.

I disagree with his view of Trump and his policies and choose do not discuss it with him or my cousin to prevent messing up the general "extended family peace".

In the job I have a georgian colleague (nice guy) who (for to me inexplicable reasons) is a fan of Shaakashvili (IMO an unfriendly caricature of a bad politico) and so I also choose not to talk about it with him for the same reason.


Sid Finster,
#re: "But will that be enough to get Trump re-elected?"

Well, so far Trump has managed to basically kill off (so far just politically) every potential competitor in his party, with Mc Cain just dying away.

Trump likely will no hesitate a second to throw no longer useful "tools" under the bus if he feels it neccessary (bad news for shadow foreign secretary Giuliani).

As for the rest, there, however late, is Romney, but Trump has already starting to insult him verbally and on tweet for daring dissent publicly. That'll go on and get worse the closer the election date comes.

Except for him - who's there in the GOP to challenge Trump?

Hardly Mitch McConnell. He is about 78 already and then in impeachment was a ... Trumpist extraordinaire. If he went into the next election, and would be elected, he'd be brisk 80 then and people will perhaps bet whether he'll survive the end of his term.

Well, Trump himself is a guy who has a hard time to handle dissent treason or disobedience and pretty much freaked out when he noticed that his wife dared to watch CNN on Air Force One (and not, as ordered by Trump, dumb up herself with Hannity & Crew on FOX).

The GOP problem, nevermind actual Democrat chaos, is that they don't have an alternative to Trump left, and practically and strategically that is a problem.

Herman Young

Democrats today use the buz word they are for "working families". Not sure if this means they support child labor or not, but that is their favorite call sign.

What this means in California is a two government union job per family which puts them soundly in the Upper 10% income wise - threshold being $250,000 a year in income -easily achieved with two $150,000 government union jobs per family.

Don't believe this taxpayer-funded income disparity is happening in California?

Look up the website "Transparent California" which lists the full compensation packages for all government employees at any level from schools, city councils and theSacramento behemoth.

Yet again, Democrats target others as the enemy when they are the ones guilty of doing the very same thing - except using OPM to reach their own Upper 10% "working family" goals.

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why trump still be a president?


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