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24 February 2020


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Well said Larry. I detest Max Boot, Bill Kristol and the rest of the ziocons who have been continually wrong in all their prognostications. My beef with Trump’s ME policy is his obsequiousness with Bibi and MbS, which of course is a central tenet of the neocons. I also believe he hasn’t taken the threat of the totalitarian Chinese Communist Party seriously enough. It’s not only a trade issue but a national security issue when it comes to the CCP with their extensive espionage, infiltration and stealing. I must give him credit though for at least recognizing the CCP threat unlike the rest of the politicians, media, Wall St and think tanks who have sold their souls for a few bucks from the CCP.

Peter AU1

Take the oil. Dates back to at least a 1980 interview. Expressed a number of times throughout the election campaign.
In Syria he has taken the oil. He does what he says for sure, though handing out SDF caps to ISIS enthusiasts at Conaco blemishes the picture a bit.
Somewhat of a mixed signal on idlib at the moment, with the Trump admin and spokesmen for the coalition saying Idlib is a magnet for terrorists, with up to ten thousand al Qaeda recreation group residing there, but then verbally backing Erdo for protecting these good people of Idlib.

Diana Croissant

Thank you for this post. As you know, I was also first skeptical of Trump. But the results of his being elected can't be denied.

I like that I am not worrying so much about my two sons' futures as I used to worry. My younger son had been caught up in the Obamacare problem that left him with the prospect of having to take one temporary position after another as employers were reluctant to hire permanent employees because of the Obamacare regulations. He was at the age I was when I first went into the full-time workforce, and I remembered how good my prospects were at that time. He spent his evenings on my computer sending out his resume and writing letters so that he would have another temporary job lined up when his current temporary position was ended. Each time he sent out those resumes and letters, he was praying that just maybe he would actually find a permanent job.

It was a sad thing for a mother to watch at that time.

It's clear that Boot and Bowles didn't know a single hard-working member of the middle class, much less the class of those people just struggling to live at all with the help of EBT and Obama phones and welfare payments.

Trump has definitely made America more like the America I remember it was as I was young and had knew I was going to be able to live in the great American middle class as an adult.

That is the definition I think of what making America great means: a strong and thriving middle class.

It's mind-boggling to me that the Democrat Party has come up with nothing but what seems to be a clown car of candidates, each of whom want to be our President. Trump may seem clownish to them, but that is only because they haven't really looked into the mirror for a long, long time.


Max boot goes down in history with David frum and a few other dopes as vociferous promoters of both the Iraq war and the trump-Russia scam. He is one of the dumbest people I’ve ever come across and gives the distinct impression he is just simply chasing a lucrative career through his national security guesswork.

English Outsider

"Bring jobs back home, also the troops, ensure an adequate defence, drain the swamp."

That was my summary of Trump 2016. How could one not support that?

Had it been Europe or Russia I would not have been so disappointed in the last three years. Torpid, difficult countries and you wouldn't expect anything to happen at more than a snail's pace.

But this was America! A country of limitless possibilities. A country where immense things can happen fast. Weird outrageous things, sometimes, but never dead. Was it too naive to expect that Trump 2016 would have marked a renewal?

Wasn't it just. All one saw was a sclerotic, a dying polity; and those in it dedicated to frantic internecine feud. A man who could have channeled the energy of a great country condemned to fending off vicious and petty and remorselessly never-ending attack.

OK, you detail some achievements above, and there's the judicial side, but it's thin pickings from such a start. They had that bastard there and they could have made such use of him! But they wasted what was in him to do and they wasted possibly the last chance to pull that country back.

Possibly. Maybe there'll be another chance. Maybe next time round the crippling sabotage will stop. If it doesn't it won't be Trump who has failed. It'll be America and goodbye America and all the hopes it carried with it.


You can add Michael Pregent to this list of neocon morons.

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