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16 February 2020


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Here are IMO amusing news about the fortunately soon former US ambassador in Germany Grenell.

I wrote about him here two posts before. So, what to do with an "ambassador" so annoying that no body listens to him anymore (i.e. who is an utter failure so to speak)?

Well, it depends on what are perceived as qualities.

I recall that not that long ago Trump's daughter Ivanka was, apparently seriously, proposed as head of the World Bank, qualified with a cum laude bachelor in economics. Fortunately a job she (wisely?) 'rejected'.

In light of that it shouldn't surprise that Trump "solved the Grenell problem" in similar way:

He promoted Grenell to be the next national intelligence director (replacing Joseph Maguire), a position in which he will be 'directing' 16 US intelligence agencies (CIA. DIA, ONI, Air Force ISR Agency, MCIA, NSA, NRO, NGA, FBI, DEA, CGI, OIA, INR, OICI, OIA). Congrats, I think. Grenell will then also be responsible for ... the content put in Trump's President Daily Brief.

What qualifies him for that? Well, he has a bachelor in Government and Public Administration, a master in Public Administration, was a FOX commentator - not to mention him being a noisy US ambassador. Grenell will probably accept the new job with the greatest most grandest grandiose humility ever ever (perhaps "GreMoGraGraHuEvEv"?).

I think it is a good advice to Grenell that insiders said that "keeping it really short, blunt, many pictures" works best with Trump. And never speak the two evil words 'climate change'.

As we in Germany learned during his ambassador time - blunt he surely can, even though he didn't quite get the diplomatic part of the job. Also, he is IMO very unlikely to be blunt to Trump. Whether he is particularly skillful or knowledgeable about intelligence things ... no comment. IMO his focus is more political, a thing likely more important for Trump.

At the moment there is carneval here (Kölle alaaf!) and I saw a guy costumed with a black leather jacket that had a big "FU" sticker on the chest and above that a silver eagle with the text "Fly High". My thoughts were "Darwin Award Candidate?" and "Well, better don't fall too deep then".

Since Grenell is going to be the fourth man on his new position since Trump took office, he probably should wear bulletproof vest, parachute and helmet. It's a position with a short half-value.



The tree amigos, Fiona Hill, Marie Yavonovich, and Gordon Sondland, were for some completely unknowable reason not available for the job.

Keith Harbaugh

sundance has an interesting perspective on
the appointment of Grenell as ACTING DNI:
"A Possible Inflection Point – ODNI Ric Grenell…", 2020-02-20:

Within minutes the media intelligence apparatus
displayed apoplexy at the announcement.

All of the right administrative state interests
are visibly triggered by the appointment;
and it appears this could be a key turning point
in President Trump’s push-back against
the permanent intelligence apparatus
that has targeted his administration for three years

An earlier Trump/IC conflict occurred when ill-fated Michael Flynn,
while he was serving on Trumo's transition team,
was quoted as being very unhappy with the intel. briefings the IC was giving Trump.
I can't help but wonder if the defenestration of Flynn
was at least in part motivated by
the desire to prevent Flynn,
who certainly knew A LOT about the U.S. intelligence community,
from having a position of real power over it.

Further motives for the way Flynn was treated
were, no doubt, the facts reported in this Politico story:

“Lock her up! Yes, that’s right, lock her up!” Flynn shouted,
his visage amplified to colossus dimensions by the huge video screen behind the podium at the Republican National Convention,
where he was calling for the imprisonment of his former colleague, ex-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
Before millions of television viewers, Flynn led the chants of a raucous crowd during his speech endorsing Donald Trump.
“Lock her up! Lock her up! Damn right! Exactly right!”
Flynn encouraged the chanting crowd.
“There is nothing wrong with that!”
(Do you think all the Democratic apparatchiks in DOJ remember that?
Does a bear **** in the woods?)

Note also this tweet [after Flynn resigned] from [Philippe] Reines:

Reines tweeted “What goes around COMETS around”
and linked to an ad for jobs at Domino's,
“given your pizza obsession.”
(A tweet contextualized in another Politico story).


re "not available for the job for some completely unknowable reason"

Oh wonder, oh wonder. It is indeed utterly unknowable why they were not available.

Of course, there was that little thing with impeachment testimony that made Trump look somewhat bad over that Trump to go a little fire, fury and severely tweetish.

Trump is out on his impeachment revenge spree. Just to make the pun - Trump is now witch hunting the witch hunters.

He just "asked" a pentagon official to step down. That's a new Trump approach "Fire Yourself!" (wouldn't work in a tv show) - after the man iirc in the impeachment probably honestly dared to contradict the "The innocent Trump is being wickedly witch hunted!" litany of Trump's impeachment lawyer troupe.

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