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05 February 2020


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I hope he finds a cure, too.

Diana Croissant

I understand the acclaim Rush received last night. And certainly I would not wish is illness on anyone, friend or foe. He was certainly a force in his time.

His style offended me most. I am always less sure of my political point of view than I am convinced I am right. Rush often just seemed to sure of himself.

Maybe someone will point out your post to him, and you will get a chance to talk with him.


If you want to see a class presidential candidate’s comment goggle Tulsi and Rush Limbaugh.
I am not a fan of Rush but this is terrible news for anybody and I hope the best for him,.


Sidney Blumenthal is a peer of Lee Atwater (of Willie Horton fame) as an unscrupulous, cunning and underhanded smear planter. Worse in fact, because Atwater at least pointed to a real system failure, though not one that could be laid at Dukakis' feet, while Blumenthal's "whitey tape" and "foreign born" rumors were made up out of whole cloth and engineered to set people like Larry up to take the heat for them. Atwater, facing early death, repented for his ways while Blumenthal and the Clinton machine are as smugly unaccountable as ever.

Blumenthal seems like the kind of trickster Roger Stone wanted to be ever since he was in thrall of Nixon's operatives. But the biggest trick Stone ever played was on himself when he perjured with an irrelevant and inconsequential lie.

The only good thing about Blumenthal is his son Max who co-hosts The Grayzone videos and podcasts with Aaron Maté. Family gatherings must be interesting.

Christian J Chuba

his popularity
RL, he was great at analyzing politician speak and media bias which made him immensely popular to an audience who
at that time was scorned by both.

On politics, he is an ideologue, which means you are right when the world conforms to your beliefs and wrong when it doesn't. This is why I soured on him and those like him. I joked with a friend, 'rats, I missed his 12 o'clock monologue, now I'll have to wait for his 1pm monologue but I'll never know what he said at 12.'

Did he ever change his mind on any subject? (a serious not a rhetorical question).

I much prefer Michael Savage, someone I regularly disagree with but he strikes me as a curious person and an independent thinker. I like Lionel (Lionel Nation) haven't heard him for a long time but he had a wicked, irreverent humor, I remember laughing; very therapeutic.

I don't think I am being harsh or mean, just an honest assessment.


Larry J, Pardon the pedantism, I arrive only to tidy a spelling error. I mean no criticism, but as the article will remain for posterity perhaps a simple correction is in order.

"bought of prostate cancer."

I believe you mean 'bout'.

Anyway I love the various recollections and clarifications which I knew not of before. Especially school for spies! Any chance of confirming journalists are still trained? Specifically UK ones?

Let F

I have loved reading your blogs and have learned so much through you. what Sid and clinton did to you just reflects what happened to donald trump. wow.. same play book still. only on a much wider scale. Thank you for your blogs,I enjoy reading and getting more informed with each one you release.

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