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13 February 2020


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Keith Harbaugh

sundance makes a very good point that may resonate with some here:
"U.S. and U.K. Intelligence Agencies Worry About John Durham – Scrutiny of CIA Draws Media Apoplexy…", 2020-02-14

There was once a time, not that long ago, when the mainstream left was highly critical of the CIA, and scrutiny of dubious claims by U.S. intelligence was a common occurrence. Of course all of that changed when those same intelligence agencies were weaponized to target a political enemy that was also the enemy of the left, namely Donald Trump.
I wonder if this reflects that the average political view of current IC employees is different from that of past IC employees.
I.e., is the current average IC employee more left-wing than their predecessors?
It would be interesting if there had been polls of the politics of employees of, say, the CIA.
You know, the CIA must know so much about its employees that this information, effectively, must be known to its personnel department (whatever its formal title is).


Without looking for Russians under the bedposts, Calif Policy Center explains forces at work that came to dominate its entire public agenda:

California = Unions + Hollywood + Media + High net worth activists = Democrats

"....The reasons that California is a one-party state are also not hard to understand. Virtually every financial special interest in California supports Democrats.

---PUBLIC SECTOR UNIONS, which are almost exclusively supportive of Democratic candidates and causes, collect and spend $800 million per year.

---California’s HIGH TECH industry, commanding mind-blowing wealth, is solidly Democratic. California’s wealthy and influential entertainment industry is solidly Democratic.

---The MEDIA establishment in California is also solidly Democratic, wielding priceless influence over voters.

---And as if that weren’t enough, politically ACTIVE BIILLIONAIRES spend amazing sums of money in California to support Democrats....."

Diana Croissant

In regard to Hillary's dreams of being relevant, I have no fear that she will be successful. Not one of my many friends and acquaintances see her as anything but a sorry old woman. She has never gotten over her rise to fame with her college graduation speech.

Everything she has done since then has proved her to be a person who tries hard to be relevant but who fails miserably each time because her nasty personality puts people off. I preferred her over Obama during that primary, but soon realized what a horrid person she rally was--without making me like Obama any better. I am not a Democrat now, but the Democrats I know find her to be an embarrassment to their political party. I think most people are aware that she was lucky not to be fully investigated in regard to the whole Russian hoax and her email situation. They know she knew about Epstein's operation and did nothing except to try to make it seem she didn't know.

I sold my van, but I kept my sicker: "Four men died and Hillary lied."

As for the healthcare cost issue, I guess I am not seeing it or feeling it here where I am. I remember the days under Obama when my younger son had to take one temporary job after another because companies weren't hiring permanent workers in order to avoid the costs of Obamacare. Both my sons--who each have two young children--have good healthcare plans now with their employers. I have a great plan with my retirement plan. I hardly use it and sometimes feel I should take less coverage the next time I can made a choice.

I wonder why people are always talking about pre-existing conditions. Maybe I am wrong and things are different, but don't HIPPA rules cover that?

I really don't hear many people complaining about healthcare costs where I live.

I did hear a Canadian talking once about his daughter, a dermatologist in Canada. If she found a serious problem for a patient--such as a sign of beginning skin cancer--she would ask them if they had money. That was her way of telling them to come to the U.S. and get treatment because she knew they would probably die of skin cancer before they got to the top of the queue of people needing skin cancer treatment in Canada.

Biden has become an embarrassing candidate for the Democrats, Warren's many fabricated stories of her past and Biden's story about Corn Pop make them nothing but jokes as candidates. Mayor Pete reminds me too much of the high school student council candidates I've watched. I just don't think that his record in South Bend can do anything for him. I know some have suggested that the Democrats may have to bring in Michelle Obama at the last minute. I think that would turn out to be a mistake for the Democrats. If there are people who really disliked Obama, there are more people who really disliked Michelle (Despite the obvious love the "ladies" on The View have for her.)

As for Tulsi, most people who mention her mention her favorably, usually as they are making fun of the other Democratic Party candidates. They don't feel she has a chance with the Democrats, though. I can see why you think Trump might find a place for her in his administration.



"So they have nothing to lose in that voting booth."

They have a future to lose in that voting booth. Nothing prevents them leaving baristahood for other opportunities but their own fear; and if degreed a great deal of mal-education is hindering them as well.

Dave Schuler

1-8 agreed.

9 not sure

10 Sadly, I doubt it.

different clue

The one point that seems simple to think about is #10: that yes, Trump would be wise to offer Gabbard something relevant to Gabbard's experience and with some real power.
But I think Gabbard has seen how Trump uses and abuses and discards people, and I don't think she would want to subject herself to such treatment.

So my conditional "if this then that" prediction for #10 is . . . Trump will respectfully offer Gabbard a serious job in his next Administration ( if elected), and Gabbard will respectfully decline.



That would be my guess as well.


Keith Harbaugh,
The agencies have retired many Boomers and replaced them with a mix of Millennials and prior-service GenXers. The 90s hiring freeze is a theme.
There was a lot of churn amongst the Millennial new-hires 2001-2012ish(?). Seems to have stabilized more recently.


" There would also be rationing, long waiting lines and a total disruption of care providers networks that would impact everyone, but especially rural people. Just because they do it in Europe doesn't mean it will work here."

Those things dont exist anywhere. You are suggesting that it will occur unequal here in the US. I dont see why it should happen here when it does not happen elsewhere. My best guess is that it costs less overall, but the savings are pretty minimal. The interest groups are pretty good at what they do.

1) Yes

3) The part out of power is always called the opposition party.

4) Yes, but I dont think anything will do.

5) Sanders yes, Warren no.

10) Nope. She has some independence and integrity. Trump seeks loyalty first.


Don McCanne of Physicians for a National Health Program said that the term mandatory Medicare “does feed into the moderates’ view that single payer Medicare for All represents government overreach.”

“A better term would be automatic Medicare,” McCanne said. “Everyone would automatically be enrolled in Medicare for All regardless of the taxes that they may or may not be required to pay to finance the system. People who qualify don’t reject Medicare today. Why would they reject Medicare in a truly universal program that is affordable for each of us?”


mark logan

Re Medicare for all,

Yup. It would be honest for them to be pitching what they dream of as "Adopt the Canadian system". Or the British. Maybe the Japanese. They have set the seed of failure by calling it Medicaid For All. Sooner or later the numbers will be crunched and disseminated.

IMO the Swiss or German systems...particularly the German...should be proposed instead. We have an existing private insurance infrastructure, it's a smaller lift to use it rather than duplicating it within the government. The powers that be of the insurance industry might not fight as hard if they know they won't be utterly eliminated.


Responding to D:
Are you talking about the Palestinian olive groves that where uprooted to “plant colonies in”?

Would you also commend the Third Reich with its efficient Gestapo’s security measures and are you striving to emulate that model in US? Are you sympathizing with AIPAC’s attempt to destroy the First amendment?

I do agree that the open border policy of Palestinians in at the end of 19th and beginning of 20th century was their undoing. Are you fanning the Eastern-European immigrants to Palestine as well, because of their high birthrate and invasive plans? Or do you think that those immigrants are more chosen than the rest of US?

Emulating “your type’s” of type arguments; if you love Israel more than USA, why don’t you give up your citizenship and immigrate there? This is not meant as an insult but a real question.

You are welcome.


Colonel, Larry, TTG,

Did Trump order the attack on Solomani out of ignorance, or a lie? It's coming out that Iraq warned the U.S. Government in November and December that the 'attack' on the U,S. base was in planning by ISIS, NOT Solomani/Iran. That the origin location of the attack on the U.S. base came from Kirkuk. Kirkuk is ISIS territory, not Iranian affiliated.

So...... was Trump's explanation to our nation, based on a intentional lie, or a mistake?

Who was the briefing source that briefed Trump and the JCS, that Solomami was responsible? Did that briefing source show where the attacks came from (Kirkuk), mention to POTUS that Iraq had been warning the U.S. of an upcoming ISIS attack back in November and December?

Who was the briefing source for the Solomani assassination premise?




Compare on an apples to apples basis. How much does a bypass or knee replacement or an appendectomy cost in the US vs say in Australia, Canada or Germany? Then compare how much the same pharmaceutical costs in those countries vs the US. What you’ll find is that US costs are some multiple of what the exact same thing costs in other western countries. Our healthcare care system is a scam. But the immense profitability means large amounts of money to sell propaganda of why it’s the best and anything else means death panels.

Phil Cattar

Regarding #2........The best way to reduce what we pay for our health insurance is to change our eating and exercise habits.Mike Bloomberg had it right.No one needs 40 grams of sugar or high frustose corn syrup in a drink.We have a diabetes epidemic on uor hands.If you visit Rome ,chances are 90% of the fat people there are American tourists. The amount of added sugar in some yogurt cups with" fruit" is crazy.A chicken pot pie is assumed by most people to be healthy.Most have 9 g of saturated fat for 1/2 of a pie.Who eats 1/2of a Chicken pot pie?...…...our country is blighted with fast food places.In the 1920's poor people were skinny .Now there is an inverse relationship between weight and poverty.Especiallyamong minorities...….Change our eating and evercise habits and drastically change our Malpractice lawsuit industry and our health costs will drop drastically.

Rick James Merlotti

1 - Reinstate Glass-Steagall before the next banking collapse. Create new Hamiltonian National Banking system for infrastructure and productive investments in the physical economy. Drain the speculative Swamp.
10 - Tulsi for Secretary of State. Throw out the Neocons, Neolibs and Borgists.

Peter Moritz

Instead wasting my time on opinion, I invite you to check out studies that refute your apparently ill informed statement about Single Payer Health Care by actual studies: https://pnhp.org/how-much-would-single-payer-cost/

And isn't it kind of funny that almost throughout Europe a Single Payer health system exists? And that to the North of you, in a place called Canada - maybe you are familiar with it - also a single payer system exists that is rather affordable.

I am familiar with systems in three countries (and know of the NHS in the UK) Germany, Canada and Portugal and I am astonished how relatively well served the population is with rather affordable taxes and contributing fees that do not lead to penury or losing your house.


Switzerland was also a "tyranny" for those non-Swiss living there. I lived there once as a guest worker. They ran a very strict state at that time.

This is any country's prerogative to set their rules and standards, since anyone else is nothing more than their discretionary guest. Yes, i am okay with that in principle, and my choice to accept their terms or not.


So for you the Palestinians are the Israelis' "discretionary guests." Got it.

Keith Harbaugh

I really cannot recommend the following highly enough.
I hope Col. Lang, with his understanding of the IC, the justice system, and politics, will take a good look at it, and maybe comment on it.
All three come together in it.

by sundance, 2020-02-15

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