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27 February 2020


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English Outsider

It was a privilege to be able to read the the site. An insight into affairs I knew little about and great writing. Thank you.

Might I here put in a query to TTG?

TTG - Unfortunately I couldn't get to it all. I turned to the writings that had appeared on the Colonel's site, SST, and found a 404.

Then 404's appeared elsewhere, including on sections I had already read. There are instructions for dealing with a 404 but before plunging into that I wondered if the site had become overloaded with others seeking access. Might I ask, is this a possible cause?

muzaffar Tirmizey

Brigadier Sahib, best wishes on your birthday....we know you as one of the best military mind and strategic thinker of Pakistan... one quick question sir how do you see the Kashmir issue unfolding....?

Muzaffar Ali Tirmizey

The Twisted Genius

English Outsider,

A 404 error can occur when, for any reason, a page fails to load. However, in this case there appears to be a small error on the writings page. The content is all there. Just scroll down. What is not working at the moment are the links that jump to sections of the writings page. It's not critical. Perhaps Ingolf, who helped Brigadier Ali in organizing and indexing this particular page can sort it out if it's not just a temporary Google problem.

Mark K Logan

Happy birthday and best wishes.

FB Ali

I am grateful to Col Lang, an old friend, for putting my email relating to my Website on SST. And to the many persons who have commented on his post. I would like to thank them for their birthday wishes, and for their comments on my Website.

As I have said on the Website, Col Lang and SST provided me with a great portal to convey my thoughts to an elite audience in North America. I am very grateful for this opportunity, and for all that I learned from him and other 'commenters' on SST.

Sic Semper Tyrannis has been, and remains, my intellectual home. I wish it a long, long life!

robt willmann

FB Ali,

It is so very nice to hear from you and about your blessed 91st birthday! I think I said in a comment quite some time ago that you are very literate in the English language. I enjoy reading what you say clearly every time. I bought your book, the memoir, when I first learned that it had been published.

What is published on an Internet website can be printed on paper as well. Since the whole system displaying information through the Internet is somewhat fragile -- if electricity, transmission systems, computer software, and computers develop problems -- you can print out everything on paper in full color that appears on your website. By doing so, you will have a nice record and something that can be published and enjoyed after the shifting and impermanent electronic arrangement that is in vogue has run its course.

I heard today that some type of agreement has been signed between the U.S. government and the Taliban (although it is never made very clear what the term "Taliban" means in Afghan society as a whole). From your knowledge of that area of the world, your thoughts on this development would be informative and appreciated.

Ingolf Eide


Re the 404 problems with the site links.

They’re working again (hopefully permanently!).

For anyone interested in what had happened (I’m thinking of you TTG), each link contains a reference to the page on which it’s found and for some reason that had changed to “writings-2” (the original name of the page during its draft stage) instead of “writings”.

I don’t know why the software made this change and therefore can’t be certain it mightn’t happen again. I’ll check occasionally but if it does recur please send up a flare.

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