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07 February 2020


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Mark Logan

Buttigieg may have forgotten that Tulsi is still running. The media all but utterly ignores her campaign.

different clue

One hopes that Harlan Easley and others of like mind don't boycott the election altogether. Even if "President" is left blank there are things and people to vote about down-ticket.

Gabbard has filed a lawsuit against Clinton.

Clinton the Cowardly Lyin' has so far "refused" to "permit" herself to be served. One wonders if there is a way to FORCE her to be served.

I would like to see the SanderSupporters fight their way through the DemNom process to the bitter end. I would like to see it all finish with the Good Ship Clintobamacrat burned down to the waterline. With all the rats trapped inside.

Meanwhile, it would be good if some BernieBackers from each and every State pursue their own separate 50 projects to look into how to put Sanders' name onto each State ballot so that his name is un-erasably there for election time. If and only if the deadline for that falls before the DemNom Convention, then I would like to see them actually GET his name onto all 50 ballots as a no-party Independent candidate. And one hopes these BernieBackers would secure Gabbard's permission to be placed on those same ballots as Sanders' VP candidate. It would all have to be done without Sanders' permission or even in the teeth of his opposition to it. And he would oppose it, because it might lead to a Trump victory. Which he opposes. Because it would lead to Trump winning every State except California and New York.

But as Babak Makkinejad said in a totally different context, if the National DemParty cheats Sanders out of the nomination, then Sanders would no longer be the issue or the goal. The issue would be the Lyin' Cheatin' Pete Democrats and the goal would be to exterminate the National Democratic Party from the face of the political earth.

different clue

. . . and after all the work I did on my just-prior comment, I forgot to put in the actual Babak Makkinejad quote.
Which is . . . " this ain't about hunting, is it?"

No, it ain't. If Sanders people are clearly a majority of the Dem primary voters in a majority of the states, and the DemParty cheats Sanders' supporters out of their Sanders, then this won't be about Sanders anymore.


If Bathhouse Pete has or had any ties to any intelligence services at any time he has no business being anywhere near any sort of power given the current apparently mutinous state of some or all of clandestine intelligence and secret police services.

scott s.


"Forgive me my ignorance if there is an obvious explanation that I dont see, but why are there even "Naval Intelligence officers" in a landlocked country like Afghanistan? Is this some kind of pro-forma position without a real purpose? "

Don't know but did some searching. It looks like Navy has a direct commission program where you sign in and get a commission as an 1835 (Special Duty - Intel reserves). No active duty commitment instead 3 years SELRES (drilling reserves who do the weekend a month at their local reserve center and 2 week annual ACDUTRA at their gaining command (the command the reserve unit is supposed to support when activated)). I'm guessing there was a call for "individual augmentees" (reserves volunteering to go on active duty, not as part of their unit) to this DOD (joint service) financial investigation center. So there's nothing unusual about that (heck, in the modern military you have to punch your purple (joint) ticket to advance). It's like a lot of (IIRC mainly reserve) naval officers who got on Provincial Reconstruction Teams. I don't know how to compare it to Gabbard's ARNG history in the Guard's 29th Inf Bde as an MP.


scott s et al

All the services have regulations that allow them to give direct reserve commissions to civilians whom they think will be useful to them politically in the future. some people they appoint as reserve component generals. As a 27 year Regular Army officer I can only despise this program. Gabbard's service in the National Guard is quite different. She deployed to Iraq twice with her unit and performed regimental duties as would be normal. I am told that Buttegieg was mainly used in Afghanistan as an escort for VIP visitors.

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