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07 February 2020


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The Beaver

C'est un arriviste : mon opinion

Check this article:


Before I dive into Shortest Way Home’s account of the life and career of Peter Buttigieg, let me be up front about my bias. I don’t trust former McKinsey consultants. I don’t trust military intelligence officers. And I don’t trust the type of people likely to appear on “40 under 40” lists, the valedictorian-to-Harvard-to-Rhodes-Scholarship types who populate the American elite. I don’t trust people who get flattering reams of newspaper profiles and are pitched as the Next Big Thing That You Must Pay Attention To, and I don’t trust wunderkinds who become successful too early. Why? Because I am somewhat cynical about the United States meritocracy. Few people amass these kind of résumés if they are the type to openly challenge authority. Noam Chomsky says that the factors predicting success in our “meritocracy” are a “combination of greed, cynicism, obsequiousness and subordination, lack of curiosity and independence of mind, [and] self-serving disregard for others.” So when journalists see “Harvard” and think “impressive,” I see it and think “uh-oh.”


DNC and Media have black balled Gabbard.
Thrashing Kamala and Hillary is an unforgivable sin for the current DNC.
Democratic party is poorly served by DNC corruption and incompetence.
The top of their ticket reminds me of the decrepit party hacks the politburo put forward in the early 80s.
Moral and intellectual bankrupt.
Noting that McCain and Romney were the previous GOP nominees does not inspire confidence either

Eric Newhill

I'm not normally into conspiracy theories, but I am suspicious of his direct commission into Naval intelligence. His educational background and a few other things makes me think he might be a CIA stooge.

And yes, pretty dishonest and arrogant to not mention Tulsi.


I had heard Mayor Pete had been an engineer in the military but in a The Atlantic interview he says he was Naval Intelligence. He also spent time as a consultant for McKinsey in the Afghanistan but in neither case was he in much danger--unlike Tulsi.
In his own words: "Four years later, Buttigieg would return to Afghanistan as a Naval intelligence officer. He stayed on bases for the most part, venturing out only as an armed escort on an occasional trip. On the McKinsey work, they were outside the wire more, but “there was no moment of great adventure or danger for me, other than just the fact of we drove from Kabul to Jalalabad. That was a little risky. But in Iraq we were on base, or at least in the Green Zone, almost all the time.”

How does a mayor of a small mid-west town wake up one day and decide he is qualified to run for the highest political office in the land and believe he can win. He's either insane or has friends inm high places. After the fudging of the numbers in Iowa in his favor, I'd say the latter.


I have a low opinion of his personal integrity. But then I have a lot opinion of the President's personal integrity. Its probably time saving to say who does appear to have integrity rather than doesnt. At the moment I am prepared to believe Steyer, Gabbard, Sanders and Yang have some decency. But I could easily be wrong about any of them.


Gabbard should run as an independent if she doesn't get the nomination. I believe Gabbard said she won't but I hope she change her mind.

different clue

Since my background is strictly civilian, I cannot state . . . anything. But perhaps I can ask, could we refer to this as " foam-rubber valor"? Or "cardboard-replica valor"?

And it confirms a new emerging nickname I am seeing here and there for Mayor Pete . . . Pete the Cheat, Cheater Peter, Cheatin' Pete.. .


Oh, for a FB "share" feature!


"Four years later, Buttigieg would return to Afghanistan as a Naval intelligence officer."

Forgive me my ignorance if there is an obvious explanation that I dont see, but why are there even "Naval Intelligence officers" in a landlocked country like Afghanistan? Is this some kind of pro-forma position without a real purpose?


Why are all these CIA and Nat Sec, people endorsing Buttigieg?
Here's a list



Did you know…that Mayor Pete’s Maltese last name is derived from Arabic? Yes, it is originally Abu Djaj! Once upon a time, Sicily was ruled by Arabs and in the course of that period, much of the indigenous Christian population came to speak Arabic. When they had the chance, though, many of them made their way to Christian-controlled Malta, where the local establishment did their best to put as much Latin into their native colloquial Arabic as possible. As a result, if you take a look at texts in modern Maltese, you can find a mix of Italian and Arabic in the vocabulary and even in the grammar. Getting from Abu Djaj to Buttigieg follows normal linguistic rules. A significant portion of Maltese family names begin with Bu- followed by a signifier of some trait or profession of the ancestor.

Buttigieg is the anointed one to replace Biden as the latter continues to falter, shows his age and has been tarnished by the Ukraine stuff.

The guy has got friends in high places; Pete was no stranger to the gang that welcomed him at the wine cellar fundraising event. The host himself is connected to the Shadow project that worked so well in Iowa.

Hillary again displayed her animus toward Tulsi again recently, volunteering that she is a Russian operative, accusing her of treason. Tulsi was part of the DNC that challenged the establishment while they were seeing to it that Sanders lose to Hillary in the 2016 primary and has been a nemesis of the crew in charge.

The only person in the media who pays any attention to Tulsi is Tucker Carlson. But then, how much air time do Yang and Steyer receive?


Thank you, The Beaver, for the link you provided to the excellent article about this candidate who has the cheek to think he should be POTUS. It's been my experience that people like Buttigieg look good on paper but in real life they can unfortunately turn out to be ineffectual in their chosen fields -- placeholders with good-looking resumes who are mediocre thinkers and performers. The guy seems like a potted plant to me, someone who is of no consequence, and it stinks that the little snake didn't correct Maher about Tulsi Gabbard's service.


According to Krystal Ball at The Hill, DNC Chair Perez made his call to re-canvass the Iowa caucuses at the behest of Buttigieg. The later returns were from the satellite caucuses, which were devised to provide access to the process for voters whose locations and work commitments were a barrier to regular caucus participation. Their participants were disproportionately working class and nonwhite, and were providing an edge for Sanders. According to caucus rules, results can be challenged by a campaign. Sneaky Pete chose instead to attempt an end run through his DNC connections, to pre-empt the emerging results and force a hurried do-over that would disfavor the satellite caucuses.

For all the noise about voter ID laws being "voter suppression" measures, Sneaky Pete's move stands out as a blatant attempt to suppress the results from voters who had been already vetted and already committed their time to participate in a cumbersome process. With the word getting out on what an absolutely slimy move he attempted against poor and minority voters in Iowa, he's got a rough road ahead of him to establish credibility among such voters in upcoming primaries. His attempts to do so thus far, the phony "Douglas Plan" (did Frederick Douglas really authorize the use of his name?), phony black endorsements, and shuttling the handful of blacks who attend his events in front of the cameras, reek of the deepest cynicism and mendacity.



Harlan Easley

He is clearly favored by the establishment. Rhodes Scholar- check, military -check, McKinsey - check, etc. He is clearly ambitious and a typical Elitist snob. And has the support of some powerful Zionist. A prerequisite to be elected President of the United States since 1912.

And they completely stole the Iowa election and narrative from Bernie Sanders. It is clear from following Precinct Captains in the Iowa Caucus on Twitter that the Iowa Caucus election was manipulated and victory stolen from Bernie Sanders. The narrative was controlled through CNN, MSNBC, DNC.

Problem is Bernie is weak. The DNC will never let him win. They(Zionist) would rather let Trump be President for another 4 years. The Zionist in Chief. And the Bernie Bros are on to this and will never vote for PetetheCheat a hashtag tagged on him by Twitter followers.

However, as unlikely as Black Americans voting for a small dwarf homosexual he still may win the nomination. There is no other viable centrist besides Native American Warren who I could easily see as his Vice President. Or more likely Bilderberg favorite Stacey Abrams of Georgia.

That would check off all the identity politics boxes. Also the dark conspiracy to destroy this country by pitting all races against White Christianity. My opinion. Christianity is what they hate.

A Mayor Pete presidency would be ominous for the deplorables. I sense an intense anger in this individual. And frankly murder in his eyes. His behavior and actions in bankrolling the app that stole the Iowa elections for him indicate this is a wanna be tyrant in midget clothing.

And if I know the deplorables he would be met with a level of contempt unimaginable especially after the way they believe the SJWs treated their President.

I'm probably going to sit this election out. I may vote for Bernie in the Georgia primary just to prevent a Mayor Pete presidency if possible.

Upstate NY'er

Looks like he came out of the same plastic factory that produced Obama.
Different model, but still plastic.

Terence Gore

I've been reading watching many articles suggesting a conspiracy to take out Sanders in favor of Buttigieg.

It feels more like a con with grifters using a lot of buzz words that did not deliver a fair election trying to get a piece of the pie

"Federal campaign finance records show that the Iowa Democratic Party and the Nevada Democratic Party retained Shadow to develop its caucus app. Shadow has also been retained for digital services by Buttigieg’s campaign, which paid the company $42,500 for software-related services last July, and by Joe Biden’s campaign, which paid Shadow $1,225 for text messaging services, last July as well."

Shadow was launched by former staffers to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, including Niemira, Krista Davis, Ahna Rao, and James Hickey, according to professional biographies listed on LinkedIn. Shadow did not respond to a request for comment.


"As a digital strategy firm, Acronym’s idea of how to win the digital “war” against Donald Trump in 2020 also reflects this blinkered thinking. Much like Hillary Clinton’s doomed 2016 effort to campaign against “Dangerous Donald” — and to focus messaging on why Trump is a uniquely bad guy — McGowan (whom the staffer describes has an aggressive hand in Acronym’s content production) told the Times that Democrats must tell “a powerful, true, cohesive story about why this guy is dangerous.”"


"Betting it all on Iowa

Perhaps more than any other candidate, Pete Buttigieg’s campaign has centered Iowa as key to their path for winning the nomination. If his team can pull out a win next week, it will have been in no small part due to their hyper-local digital-first strategy that has wowed us for months."


"Hyperlocal marketing is the process of targeting prospective customers in a highly specific, geographically restricted area, sometimes just a few blocks or streets, often with the intention of targeting people conducting “near me” searches on their mobile device."



I just watched the NH debate.

I was astonished that Buttigieg proposed an amendment

to the Constitution to change the way S Ct justices are

appointed/confirmed, some new way that would not

involve the president or the senate. This is NOT a simple

change in the number of justices as has happened

historically. Rather it is a new method for selecting justices.

Buttigieg does say exactly how a new method would work.

Perhaps he thinks (some?) justices should be elected?

There is nothing in his platform about this, is it

a spur of the moment invention?


I think it is childish to believe that politics can

be removed from the selection of S Ct justices.

I think Buttigieg should come back 30 years from

now when his wisdom might have grown to match

his overactive intelligence.

I cannot find a transcript yet. If you find one

please post a link.

Seamus Padraig

Mayor Cheat is just part of a larger trend. The entire Democratic Party is being transformed into a deep-state psy-op: https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2018/03/07/dems-m07.html

The Beaver

Forbes found that Buttigieg got donations from 13 big-money donors who gave exclusively to him—by far the most of any Democrat running for president. Two of those donors have connections to Donald Trump. Jennifer Pritzker, a transgender retired Army lieutenant colonel who inherited a chunk of the Hyatt hotels fortune and previously backed the president, is now giving to Buttigieg. So is Daryl Roth, the wife of Trump business partner Steven Roth.

More than one third of Buttigieg’s wealthy benefactors got rich in finance and investments. That group includes seven who built their fortunes from hedge funds, including Bill Ackman, Philippe Laffont and Seth Klarman.


BTW: Klarman is a big funder of Shadow Inc. and an Israel firster.
The Pritzker family works with both sides of the aisle as far as the candidates are concerned . They went big with Obama also.


Why is everyone upset over Iowa? That's simply voter equity via redistribution of votes the socialist way. Just imagine that being done to your paycheck. The more you earn, the more of it somebody else deserves.



Interesting, I assumed he was polish. I did detect some "eastern" features but figured it was the turk in polish blood.

Timothy Hagios

It's not just Shadow--Buttigieg has a disproportionate amount of donations from people in the tech industry. If he does become the nominee, I would not be surprised if he gets helped by some convenient shadow bannings and manipulation of search algorithms.


Perhaps Bernie should run independent with Tulsi as vp. She'd help steel up his spine.


at 2:30


"Mayor Buttigieg, you have signaled that you'd be open to the idea

of expanding the court. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg suggested leaving

the court as it saying, quote, nine seems to be a good number. In fact,

she said if the number of justices is increased, quote, it would make

the court appear be partisan. It would be one side saying when we're

in power we're going to enlarge the number of judges to have more people

who will vote the way we want them to. Is Justice Ginsburg wrong?"

Buttigieg answered:

"Well if all we did was change the number of justices I agree that could be

the consequence. What I have called for is not only reforming the number of

justices on the bench but also structural reform so that some of the justices

are not appointed through a partisan process. We cannot allow the supreme court

to continue to become one more political battlefield as we are seeing today.

The time has come for us to think bigger. Not just reforming the makeup of the

court as america by the way had done several times in our history. But also

remember that the founders gave us the power to amend the constitution for

a reason and we shouldn't be afraid to use it.

Buttigieg is so ignorant.

In the first place, the Constitution does not specify the number of justices,

so there is no need to amend the Constitution to change the number of Justices.

In fact, this has been done by legislation a number of times in US history.

More importantly, there is NO WAY known to eliminate the politics involved

in the selection of a Justice. We already have open Senate hearings which are attended

and advised by every organization with an interest, including bar associations.

Politics is THE ESSENTIAL PROCESS of democracy.

As Harry Truman said,

"If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen."


If Gabbard is still Active, and Mayo Pete isn't, would that make the statement technically correct? I've generally thought "veteran" means "someone who Was - but no longer is - in military".

(I'm NOT supporting PB, just trying to get clear on the details.)

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