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01 February 2020


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But..but...Jared said that he had read 25 books on the conflict!!!

King Salman called Abbas to reassure him of Saudi support on the agreed upon outline drawn up long ago. MbS thinks otherwise, and he is the one who really runs Saudi policy.


From the get go this plan was done to fail...now Israel along with it's puppy the US, have their reason to do as they please...sick



Can there ever be a resolution to this historical conflict of interests between the Israeli and Palestinians?

I suppose this is the legacy of the Sinai and Palestine expedition, the McMahon-Hussein correspondence, Sykes-Picot and the Balfour Declaration.

The question is how long will the bantustan strangulation strategy take before either the Palestinians are squeezed out or leave? Does anyone believe they could ever have a nation?


Israeli officials expressed hope Saturday that the League's rejection could bring the U.S. closer to green-lighting unilateral annexation of parts of the West Bank, in light of the fact that Jared Kushner opposed immediate steps toward annexation because he thought the Arab League might support the plan.

When was the US government anointed unilateral arbitrator of the world?

Megalomania is a terrible disorder - especially for those forced to fund the delusions and those on the receiving end of it's abuses.

Antoinetta III

Jane, at the end of the day, King Salman can overrule the Crown Prince. It was maybe about a year ago that MbS said something about working with Israel in some way or another, and the King spoke out publically, and reputed this.

And when the chips come down, over the fate of Palestine, a core issue in the Arab and Islamic worlds for over 70 years, no Arab government can be seen doing anything to facilitate this so-called Deal of the Century.

Antoinetta III


I didn't know that Jared can read. Thanks for clarifying that.

I read that intelligence services from iirc Argentina, Israel and some other places came to the conclusion that Kushner is friendly with Trump, uninformed, vain, easily suckered et pp - and so spoken just the perfect target partner.

Maybe that's why Kushner is so keen a friend of murder prince MbS and Netanyahu - just incidentally on day of "deal of the century" indicted.

It is a bitter joke for the palestinians, with whom the US naturally didn't even speak about the wonder deal, that Netanyahu is making election posters with himself and Trump on them. Two friends of "presidential immunity" apparently.



If you take a look at the Israeli papers it seems that the right wing in Israel has turned on Netanyahu because of his accepting the idea of a Palestinian state in any form at all. Even if Netanyahu could get the green light for annexation from both the US and the AG in Israel it is not a given that Netanhyahu could get the votes for it.

I didn't see that coming. I assumed the Israelis would do what they have always done. Take what ever they are given and then immediately demand more.


Wonder how Israel would fare if all U.S. financial and military aid, along with all U.S. religious donations were to dry up tomorrow? I don't see Sheldon Adelson with his piggy bank limited funds spending all he has to prop it up.


Multiple commercial experiences have taught me that words matter. A “vision” is not a contract.

Furthermore, it has been drummed into me by good lawyers that contracts have to specify what will happen if negotiations on finer details end in an impasse. Most contracts, let alone this “vision” fail to specify this matter. That leaves the Israelis with time wholly on their side.

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