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20 February 2020


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Some of it was her property but he was an excellent businessman and bought much of it himself.



If that were to occur I would look carefully at the probabilities.


Watched the Washington mini-doc in a hotel room in Savannah. I enjoyed the show, but ugh, that WJC mug with that shit-eating grin marred it for me. Saw the cannons downtown that Washington donated to Savannah. Very moving to stand by the balcony where Lafayette gave his speech from Owens-Thomas House. So much overlapping history, mind-bending irony and pathos and ugliness packed in one place. Probably everyone here knew that Lee's first assignment out of West Point was to Cockspur to build Ft. Pulaski. I didn't. No time to see everything. Missed the Mighty Eighth and the Georgia State Railroad museums.


Col., TTG, if it's Bernie-Tulsi we could expect her to succeed him as I don't see him surviving the stress of his first term, at which point she'll have even less allies in office than Trump. Better the devil we know and maybe he'll have sense enough to offer her a cabinet post or an advisory role even if unofficial.



Yes, to have a cowardly money-grubber like Clinton comment on Washington was a bit much. And, it is interesting to see that Powell seems to have acquired his FY money.


@Upstate - so much misinformation in yr short post:

-nope - it's medicare for all.
-what you miss is that single payer healthcare REPLACES profiteering health insurance, and gives the government leverage to reduce drug prices, for example - why does insulin cost 30 times as much in the US of A than in Canada? It's unmitigated greed and profiteering on the backs of people with a permanent health condition. Banting and Best GAVE their patent for insulin to the university of Toronto for general non-profit distribution because they were motivated by service to humanity rather than greed. IN what ethical system is greed other than a sin?
-SO overall healthcare costs per person will go DOWN when you take out the inefficiencies and profiteering of the cartels.
-"6 months to see a cardiologist"? Utter BS. My cousin in Ontario Canada went to his doctor feeling logy, had a stress test, and the next day had a stent installed. There are few waits in Canada for urgent care. Elective surgery, yes, you might have to wait longer but it won;t cost you an arm and a left testicle.

It amazes me how much health cartel propaganda has infected peoples' brains.


What's one to make of the rumblings in the press that the Democrats are thinking about 'investigating' DJT'S Presidential Pardons, and using this premisis for another round of 'Impeachment' trials in the House.



Bismark's Germany did not have 20,000,000 illegal immigrants insure. "REPLACES profiteering health insurance" Great, what will all those people do since Bernie is going to close down the firms they work for? When do we extend "profiteering" to auto insurance companies, social media companies, banks, private universities?

Brad Ruble

The Twisted Genius. Sanders/Gabbard. God I hope you're right. The 30 somethings we know would be behind that in a heartbeat.

Eric Newhill

Fred & davidab,
I would like to extend abolition of profiteers, beyond all forms of insurance, to include home builders and grocery stores and farmers. You can't have good health or security without food and shelter. How dare they try to make money of those absolute necessities of life! Food and shelter are a right.



I demand the right to shade! We must tear down those high rise buildings.
Ah, good to see a judge is already on the case:

Eric Newhill

Yes. Shade is a basic right! No one in this country should be exposed to the cancer causing rays of the sun!

So are clothes.

Now that I think about it, it's really amazing how few logical steps it takes to go from capitalism to government provision of all of the "basic rights". Pretty soon we're all walking around the people's potato farm in those grey Mao outfits.

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