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15 February 2020


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Thanks for asking again, Colonel, for since you revealed these "lures," I've often wondered if they help explain Williams's career of fake-"Liberal" hackery.


Dear Colonel,
No need to post my earlier reply: just wanted you to know I'm still grateful for this question + all your wisdom. And part of what I admire is how concise your work is. THANKS.


Yes it apparently happens all the time.

Frank Marshall Davis, Obama's biological father, is from Arkansas City, Kansas and attended Friends University in Wichita Kansas where I was raised.

"Quakers, also called Friends, are a historically Christian group whose formal name is the Religious Society of Friends or Friends Church."

Davis received lots of timely "breaks" in his lifetime just as his son did.

So, yes there does seem to be a pattern.



I am just plain interested in how he gor where he is. IMO his strident leftist stance is largely an act designed to fulfill Foxnews' expectations of his role.


I know nothing about Juan Williams. I know a little about Quaker Schools, just from having gone to college with some of their alumni, so perhaps it is relevant. Remember Jack Templeton? Remember Julian Bond? They went to George School together. Julian's parents were educators, his father eventually the president of a university, so perhaps Julian did not need a scholarship to George School. But if Julian or any other student needed a scholarship, Jack Templeton's father would have gladly paid their tuition.

Mark Logan

Seems plausible somebody pulled some strings to get Mr. and Mrs. William's kid into find schools but the critically acclaimed books and an Emmy-winning documentary seem things he won on all his own.

My guess is from there this talented but naive kid followed a common path of his ilk, that of the pundit. Burned by the left, and genuinely appalled by the way in which he was victimized after he only halfheartedly defended Clarence Thomas, he nevertheless did not abandon that path. Instead he found a new home within it. At FOX Juan is expected to be a dissenting voice.


I was similarly admitted to a prestigious school in 1956 on the basis of a quiet word to the Headmaster from my Godfather who was part of the intelligence establishment - my father had been an agent in Japan before WWII.



Did your godfather pay your expenses? We used to pay the expenses of the children of our Panamanian "friends."


Lot of strange stuff happening in panama these days.Extraordinary types of banking services,huge sums of a bitches.If you ever get bored read up on the saga of "tintin and the Panama papers"



I graduated from Haverford College in 1975 (began with Class of 1974, but near fatal health episode set me back a year). No real direct knowledge of Juan Williams, although I vaguely recall him. Haverford was an excellent school - what a relief to find myself amongst such a select group of scholars - and very diverse in the educational opportunities it afforded. Strong in liberal arts of course, but also in the sciences, as well as in my personal favorite of the arts, in my case the musical arts. Additionally, I took advantage of the cross registrations available to pursue coursework at both Bryn Mawr, as well as at the University of Pennsylvania. Could never fit study at Swarthmore in, too, sadly.

JW majored in philosophy, and the department was particularly strong at that time (I availed myself of several courses while matriculated), and being exposed to such profound scholars may certainly have instilled in him the value of being able to think in a straight line.

As regards JW, I think that he is way too smart to have committed himself fully to labor as a sharecropper on the plantation of his nominal Massah, the Democrat party. His remarks on his two sons being Republicans (on Wiki if I recall correctly) seem apposite to this conclusion.

The life arc of his parents, and later his own access to sophisticated educational opportunities lend weight to your speculations that they got a boost from Uncle Sam via one of his avatars. Mayhap that originated from the intelligence community. The CIA in particular has never been shy in wielding influence in raising up/sponsoring intellectuals, media figures, or even artistic currents should they think their efforts to be advantageous to advancing their agendas. Doesn't really need to be anything terribly sinister this activity; spot and encourage those likely to be influential in a way that makes sense to them. Well, besides from their working inside the USA in so doing, of course. But given their rather exalted opinion of their probity, such mere legalities would scarcely restrain their hand (vide their actions of recent years in seditious activities against the Constitution as a demonstration of this).

Thank you.


My parents paid the fees. Getting into the school was the difficult bit. As far as I know, I was the only child of immigrants to be enrolled that year. The rest were “old money” or scholarship boys.



I will be yet more blunt. IMO JW had the best scholarship of all.



"Raising up?" Nah! It was probably just a pay-off a kind of signing bonus.


There's a connection between the financing of the Panama Canal and the Dreyfus Affair. The fine details are in a deeper recess of memory; gross concept = a member of the Jewish-French banking family Reinach got in trouble floating loans for the canal, at the same time that the Dreyfuss affair was at fever pitch.
According to Ruth Harris, a book she published and lectures she delivered at Mosse School at University of Wisconsin - Madison, a Protestant French bureaucrat tried fervently and in good fait to resolve the conflict through in-house negotiations, and was certain. he could succeed. His contact with the Jewish power structure was Joseph Reinach, a member of the embarrassed banker's family. Reinach toyed with the French bureaucrat, ultimately leading to the latter's demise from the pressure; Reinach's goal was to undermine as thoroughly as possible the power of Catholic Church and especially the Jesuits in France. In this, he was successful.
The reality is, Jewish interests held Dreyfus hostage to a larger agenda.
Harris's book: Politics, Emotion, and the Scandal of the Century https://us.macmillan.com/books/9780312572983

video: The Intimate Politics of the Dreyfus Affair

It has been claimed that the sight of Dreyfus being humiliated in Paris was one of the prime motivators for Theodor Herzl's energetic quest to create a Jewish state, although Herzl, a journalist, never spoke or wrote against the treatment of Alfred Dreyfus. Herzl was forthright in his belief that arousing "antisemitism" worked in favor of the zionist project.


Ruth Hyde Paine is another interesting Quaker character. RHP was able to get Lee Harvey Oswald a job at the Texas School Book Depository. She was lonely and took a fancy to learning Russian and became a part of the White Russian emigre community in Dallas where she met the spooky Texas oilman George de Mohrenschildt a friend of her husband. De Mohrenschildt apparently committed suicide shortly before he was to testify before the House Select Committee on Assassinations. Amazingly, he had a telephone number of George H. W. Bush in his Rolodex. There's a lot of spooky connections in both family histories, which goes to show that being a Quaker can be a pretty exciting career choice.

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