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11 February 2020


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Big question anon, will Sanders deliver his "change" in America with fewer or more body counts than Stalin?

Will he do it by executive order; and/or control of both House and Senate. Will it be within the constitutional limits AS defined by the current US Supreme Court.

Flesh out this change process a bit more, anon. I think I am missing something.


I think Greta Thunberg is a Swedish original. She needs to be preserved in amber for time immemorial. Now.

Clodia Metelli

Good article. I would tend to disagree about McCarthy though. Our history about this period is told to us by Hollywood, and industry that's history is seeped in Marxist subversion. I did a prolonged study of the television game show What's My Line that aired between 1950 and 1965; during the infancy of American television 'programming'. The Marxist propaganda was overtly evident throughout the entire airing. An early panelist was even blacklisted. Communists were absolutely infiltrating every institution of America then, and now. We should have stomped this out back then because all the woes we are experiencing today are a result of a Marxist subversion. This is a slow insidious process that revolves a society into collectivist form and eventually a totalitarian state. The evidence of this can be seen everywhere and we are on the last stages of a communist take-over. The big question lies in who is behind it. Sadly, I fear that the evidence points to a group that cannot be spoken of and therein lies the biggest problem.

Richard Ong

Hysterical red-baiting of Senator Joseph McCarthy? Mr. Johnson your stuff is routinely excellent but I can't believe you're reading from the leftist script on McCarthy. He caused the left to go into a nut roll when he asked, reasonably, I add, why the federal government was employing so many scumbag communists, communists much like those in the movie industry. Ok, he didn't use the word "scumbag." IIRC, McCarthy talked to Martin Dies before the war who advised him to be sure to be respectful towards any whom he might think should be investigated.

The infiltrated, co-opted, Stalin-loving elites of this country -- whose work we see all around us in our own time -- closed ranks to vilify that great patriot lest this ungentlemanly inquiry into treason and communist subversion get out of hand. (Diana West did a magnificent job in pointing out the extent of America's betrayal and was herself subjected to much educated backstabbing in a desperate effort to shut HER up.)

I've never read about the "excesses" of the House Committee on Un-American Affairs. The members were quite respectful of those who appeared before it and, again, reasonably inquired as to what whether witnesses were communist rats themselves or knew of others who were (also). Ok, they didn't use the word "rats."

The Hollywood blacklist was not, of course, put in place by McCarthy, but by industry executives. Nor were the "excesses" of the House Committee on Un-American Activities the work of McCarthy who was, contrary to all accounts, a member of the Senate not the House of Representatives.

Nor did McCarthy's enemies play fair with him. In that lurid "have you no shame" bit of D.C. theater the very worm who delivered those infamous lines was the same man WHO OUTED THAT YOUNG LAWYER ON HIS STAFF AS A COMMUNIST some four or six weeks earlier. It wasn't McCarthy who did but that weasel dishonestly hung it on McCarthy.

Riddle me this. What are the names of five American reds who were "baited" by McCarthy?

In this day and age where America is awash with tidal waves of The Narrative (with its many, many subchapters) it's amazing to see you buy into The Ur Narrative of post-war America.

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