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14 February 2020


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Prefer Miles myself but it's all good.

Great Valentine's Day podcast, from the origins to the Now:



Happy Valentine's Day to you Robert Willman, that's a fun post


thanks robert..beautiful song. it was written by richard rodgers, one of the great american composers of the 20th century.. i believe lorenz hart was the lyricist for the song.. richard rodgers grandson is alive and working in the music industry at present too..

quote from richard rodgers wikipedia page - "Rodgers was the first person to win what are considered the top American entertainment awards in television, recording, movies and Broadway – an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar, and a Tony Award — now known collectively as an EGOT. In addition, he was awarded a Pulitzer Prize, making him one of only two people to receive all five awards (Marvin Hamlisch is the other)."

his grandson - Adam Guettel - is carrying on some of the tradition and actively working in theatre..

chet baker sings and plays beautiful trumpet.. that is not something miles davis was able to do... it is such a shame his life was eaten away by the habit.. tragic... back to the song - very emotive and moving.. its a very beautiful rendition and the band is solid.. piano player is great! i don't recognize him, but am curious to know who it is..

i play jazz music and am into this sort of thing.. happy valentines day!


Pat thanks for the remembrances the Chet Baker and Julie London pieces are untarnished gold.

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