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11 February 2020


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Deer and other animals tend to have paths they follow and the over crosses are safe areas for animals to cross. Of course the animals don't read the signs but these safe areas are put where animals have historically crossed.


re "wildlife overcrossing?"

We have things like that in Germany. It's a well fenced bridged brushwood area over a road or highway. It allows the animals to run there, which is arguably safer than having them to run through the traffic.

In other placed there are tunnels or tubes ("undercrossings") that allow frogs and the like to cross roads.

Dan Huck

Pat - Virginia evidently does underpasses rather than bridges


Feb 9, 2013 - ... Underpasses by Large Mammals in Virginia and Factors Influencing ... bisected land he owned, he would prefer to have a wildlife crossing.
www.virginiadot.org › vtrc › main › online_reports › pdf
The Use of Highway Underpasses by Large Mammals ... - VDOT
2004 - ‎Cited by 11 - ‎Related articles
Aug 2, 2005 - Wildlife crossing structures are gaining national recognition by transportation agencies as effective measures to reduce animal-vehicle collisions and connect wildlife habitats across transportation corridors. In Virginia, white-tailed deer and black bear pose the highest risk.


Wildlive overcrossing?
It's a broad bridge across the interstate, much like a short tunnel. It's covered with greens, bushes and trees to provide a safe crossing. You wouldn't like a deer smashing your windscreen, not even at only 55mph, that's one of the reasons they are buildt.

Mark K Logan


Bigfoot is wise. At this time a cycle of heavy snow, heavy rain, and heavy snow again has every critter with a lick of sense down in the valleys.

The wildlife crossings are an attempt to cut down on the problem deer/elk unsuccessful freeway crossings. The stats show improvement, or so we are told.


The late Ivan T Sanderson was an early pioneer of the cryptozoology field. A 'real' scientist and character, (he worked for Royal Naval Intelligence in the Caribbean during WW-2,) he worked on the assumption that there were different 'types' of "Yeti" in different parts of the world. His thesis seems to have been that "Yeti" were remnant populations of hominid species that evolved alongside humans.
A basic point he mentions is just how little of the world's land surface has been adequately surveyed, much less explored.
So, yes, absent a Cosplay Jeremiah Johnson enthusiast, there could be Bigfoot roaming around the Wild West.


The wildcrossing reminds me of an old Sledge Hammer episode where a female prosecutor shows him around in her house. They came to iirc the head of a splendid deer decorating the wall

Hammer asked whether her father shot it. She laughed and answered that he didn't shoot that animal but was just a horrible driver.

Clearly a case for "wildlife overcrossing" (and the loss of her father's drivers's license).



IMO this static camera set up works because it is far enough away so that the animal can't see or hear it. I have visible light/IR cameras all over my property and the animals can hear some sound from them that we cannot. they approach the camera and peer into the lens. funny to see.

different clue

Here is a book that Ivan T. Sanderson wrote on the subject of man-sized man-seeming animals strongly suggested to exist in different places.

( My own copy of the book came out with this cover. . . )

Andrei Martyanov

I always said that allowing the Hendersons moving into the neighborhood will drop property values.


Here is a recent siting of Bigfoot in Ohio.



Recently I have started interesting myself into the bigfoot phenomena... and listen to these following YouTube sites. It's a nice distraction from the political folly of our times!
I like this Canadian hunting guide
and the voice of this woman


In Australia, the Aborigines talk about the Yowie - obviously the same species as Bigfoot.

They are seen here from time to time.



Clearly the Bigfoot is less shy than Tulsi Gabbard. Or (a) the TeeVee would have us believe that. Or (b) he knows how to stand in front of the camera better than Tulsi. (For Tulsi, Camera= DNC attention).

Diana Croissant

I say that less attention to or interest in Bigfoot is better. Let them live their lives in peace.

All the noise and the arguing we endure as humans is not good for us.

At least we have dogs to teach us about the important things in life. (Cats too.)

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