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04 January 2020


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Jack, what do you think about unionized government workers? You have called a lot of things in the past.

FDR warned against them, but JFK needed to pay off his suspiciously close election so government employee unions have grown in strength and power, essentionally keeping the rest of us as their poltiical hostages..

Den Lille Abe

"Thats another fine mess you have got us in Laurel"

The old punch line from Laurel and Hardy is very fitting in this situation. It is ludicrous that the CIC, is so removed from reality, has been briefed so sloppily on the Iranians, that he is unaware of the "They always pay their debts".
Iran is more or less impossible to conquer due to its landscape, most of thee war would be an air war and a foot war, a population of 82 million and thousands of missiles, and they have been practising what to do for 40 years.
What is not to like?
oh and :VVPutin's remark : and attack on Iran is an attack on Russia"


TTG, Colonel, Larry,

It's one screwed up mess anyway one looks at it.

Now my question is 'who' were the ones that convinced POTUS Trump to pull the trigger on Soleomani. Who were his 'advisors' on this one? My question now is, are any of them connected to the PMC welfare system that's taken hold since the invasion of Iraq, and now running rampant with in the hallways of DoD and CIA? The PMC welfare system wants US to stay in the Mideast forever, as their cash registers keep going cha-ching, cha-ching with their profits at the expense of Mom and Pop America and its sons and daughters.


Eric, pardon my attempt at clarifying something you wrote in your comment. You wrote, 'I know there are many here who think it's none of the US' business what happens in the MENA and that we should get out completely'.

Personally, I think it is clearly our business what happens in the "MENA". That is not the same thing as assuming we have the COMPETENCE or necessarily subtle skills and understanding, to do anything HELPFUL, in the long run, in the region. At least that is the lesson I take from the last 25 years or so in American Foreign Policy. These guys (we) just seem unsuited for the all aspects, anyway, of the job. Hence I would get out, pump more oil in the US, while seeking, seriously, and materially, new alternatives to power our grid. And save our money and our manpower for when things, if things, 'get closer to our wheelhouse'. And what happens over there happens.

Eric Newhill

That is an astoundingly cavalier attitude about attacks on a US embassy and other positions and personnel.

There is little doubt that Soleimani was seeking to create a Shia/ pro-Iran revolution in the Iraqi parliament that would result in humiliation for the US and disaster for Sunnis in Iraq; the Iraqi people that were cheering his death (guess all Sunnis are takfiri jihadists to you?). Long term consequences would be worse.

It also seems that Soleimani was developing attacks on US special operations forces in Eastern Syria (your brothers who are working with your beloved Kurds). Leaving the region means leaving the Kurds to their fate, btw.

I'm done talking about it here, I'm sure you're happy to know. The comments here are 99% copy and paste from the America haters at Moon of Alabama. American imperialism is despicable, but Iranian imperialism is righteous. If America threatens Iran it's naked evil running wild, but when Iran threatens other countries it's God's will (or the reality of the threat is denied).



There are a number of clans among the tribes in Syria east of the euphrates who were converted to shiism by missionaries sent from Qom and Karbala in the 18th and 19th Centuries. These exist side by side with clans of the same tribes who remain Sunni.

Patrick Armstrong

From Magnier
We have learned today from #Iraq Prime Minister AdilAbdl Mahdi how @realDonaldTrump
uses diplomacy:
#US asked #Iraq to mediate with #Iran. Iraq PM asks #QassemSoleimani to come and talk to him and give him the answer of his mediation, Trump &co assassinate an envoy at the airport


The legislation has been approved by #Iraq MPs to terminate the presence of the US forces and for the government to implement the resolution.



Interesting bio, her mother, no mention of dad, left for Switzerland then California, where she attended private boarding schools. Doesn't sound like a refugee from a communist country. But "Romanian"-American gives a special cachet in modern international reporting. So what was dad doing for a living in Romania?


thanks for the explication, I guess I'd misunderstood this too:

some at a very high level & important to Iran & the Iranian culture

I thought he had Syria and Iraq in mind. ...


Happy new year altogether.

Only days after Hajj Qassem and Abu Muhandes made their journey from the angels to the martyrs their wildest dream became true. Press TV just reports:

"Iraqi lawmakers have unanimously approved a bill, demanding the withdrawal of all foreign military forces led by the United States from the country following the assassination of Iran's top military commander, Lt. Gen. Qassem Soleimani, and the second-in-command of Iraq's Popular Mobilization Units (PMU), Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis."

Unanimously. Read it again. Unanimously. Iraq is united as never before.

When Hajj Qassem and Abu Muhandes look down to this from heaven they must be dancing in joy.


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