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02 January 2020


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I am quite happy to stay out of the gadfly business with regard to the Russia hysterical fantasy in the US and leave that to you. I hope you continue as long as SST lasts and maybe beyond if I manage to figure out how to run something similar without the more demented commenters and the professional trolls.


Echo chamber of complacent ignorance!
One of the bullet points but rung a bell for me.
Might be the best descriptions of contemporary American politics and media I have seen.


@@@@ not comment@@@@
Text in comment window is giant font on new phone.

Would appreciate any insight on control of comment font.

Patrick Armstrong

Thank you very much. What else is there but the respect of people you respect?


Echo chamber of complacent ignorance!

That definitely reverberates. It has long been my observation that Americans in general seem to be profoundly stupid concerning politics, but I have had to revise that assumption. Americans stupidity is just deliberate ignorance.


PA, I too very much appreciate these updates.

One might also look at the last 20 years and Russia's diplomatic position today versus then - in part due to US missteps, in part due to the skill of Lavrov, and in part due to the changing economic situation (belt and road initiative).

It is also notable that Russia backed Syria - to the point of risking WW3, whereas the US is dumping key strategic allies like Turkey while sanctioning Germany and Switzerland and so on.

One can imagine these birds coming home to roost under the overall trend of the US contributing a shrinking (and more financialized) portion of the global economy.

Peter AU1

"they were a cold-blooded attempt to gain strategic depth for the attack Stalin knew was coming."

That's about the way I have been seeing it the last few years. Stalin or no Starlin, Nazi germany were going to attack Russia USSR. Look at Russia soviet military prior to that time. WWI and their naval defeat against Japan. Heads rolled and Beria was put in charge of war production. The result of the war production and Stalin,s and Beria's ruthlessness was the defeat of the most powerful military that the world had seen at that time. I often wonder now if a nice guy would have achieved what that ruthless pair did.

Patrick Armstrong

I made an error which was pointed out to me. not 2.26 tonnes but 2261 tonnes of gold.

Only US, Germany, Italy and France are said to have bigger stockpiles.
But some question the US amount (https://www.bullionstar.com/blogs/koos-jansen/audits-of-us-monetary-gold-severely-lack-credibility/) and Germany suffered a mysterious delay in getting its gold back from the USA (https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2015-02-05/germany-s-gold-repatriation-activist-peter-boehringer-gets-results)

Patrick Armstrong

With the latest news I think a lot of birds are rustling their wings preparatory to taking flight.



Very, very rarely I watched the European Parliament. Maybe always at the wrong time? ...

No surprise there.


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