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28 January 2020


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If the names Lily Ekelson Garcia, Lee Saunders, Mary Kay Kelly and Randi Weingarten have no meaning, you may be missing the secret central casting cabal hiding in plain sight for decades.

These are just a few of the largest public employee union bosses, representing almost 10 million dues-paying members who offer Democrat candidates highly disciplined election support and even more disciplined messaging.

This is the source of the curiously similar party-line messaging we get from the Democrats in what we still mistakenly call "partisan" politics.

No, it is more venal than that. Because there is only one party with direct skin in this game to take down Trump and take back the Senate and the White house along with every other local political office that controls the taxpayer purse strings - their own jobs and benefits are at stake depending upon who gets elected.

Take a cold hard look at NEA, AFSCME, SEIU and AFT on WIKi to learn more about their combined political funding, activities, agenda and shadowy administrative operations working for exactly the same goals - using your tax dollars to expand your government, control the political message and hide their real agenda under any number of social agenda issues.

Then compare what basics you learn from WIKI with their own very slick marketing websites and wonder in fact if this is the hidden secret cabal that operations with such fierceness ever since Trump was elected; and Clinton as not.

Next step is to learn which teachers unions might control your own local school boards. The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. One misguided and indoctrinated generation at a time.

Name our nation's most intractable problems and you will likely find one of the above named government unions benefiting from it.

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