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25 January 2020


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I share your view but fear it is impractical.
When you look at the attempted takedown of POTUS Trump it involved THOUSANDS of corrupt people in the DNC, CIA, State Dept, DOJ/FBI, the FISC and the Main Stream Media.
THOUSANDS of people got behind the Podesta/Mook strategy outlined in 4Q15 to attack and destroy POTUS Trump by creating the Russia Hoax.
And that number excludes the Ukrainian support enlisted by Chalupa and 5EYES support enlisted by the CIA.
I am a Brit....and what I have learned deeply worries me.
Irrespective of ones view about Mr.Trump ( though mine is generally positive,,he made his pitch and doing what he said he would do...a rarity in all politics)it seems to me that the Obama administration and its placements in the bureaucracy committed significant frauds and crimes against American democracy and its people in order to secure the election of Hilary Clinton , a notoriously corrupt politician.
From afar though...I do not see the USA can beat back this attack when all the tools it might use to repel it are so infected and corrupt(especially your media)
God Bless America,I wish you and all freedom loving people everywhere well.

Upstate NY'er

You are totally correct.
Unfortunately the Republicrats in the swamp will never take action against another swamp creature.
They're all in it together.


I am afraid you are correct. I am still waiting for some indictments from Barr and Durham.

Seamus Padraig

I am a Brit....and what I have learned deeply worries me.
And well it should. This is not just America's corrupt, anti-democratic establishment; it's now yours, too. In fact, it's the same corrupt establishment that rules over all the West.

Seamus Padraig

I have the feeling we'll be waiting for a long time.

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